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Sharing kitchen duties with a roommate is a great way to spend time together and alleviate some of the burden of cooking and cleaning. Whether you choose to designate a 'cooker' and a 'cleaner' or whether you choose to switch each night or week is entirely up to. You can try new recipes, indulge in delicious wine and conversation and not have to worry about cleaning up all by yourself every night. This is a great way to get to know your roommate and enjoy your free time by reducing the time you spend in the kitchen.

Keeping a Kitchen Tidy

Kitchen duties usually involve several different things; cooking meals, cleaning up after meals, unloading and loading up the dishwasher, sanitizing the area and wiping down the counters are only a few of the things most people do on a daily basis. Taking out the garbage, returning borrowed items to neighbors, buying groceries, unpacking groceries, cleaning the oven, mopping the floors and cleaning out the fridge are also aspects to keeping your kitchen clean and organized. If you are cooking and cleaning three meals for a large family, then you may find that you are spending half of your life in the kitchen; however, if you are living with a roommate then you may not need to spend this much time in your kitchen, especially if you and your roommate choose to share the duties.

There is no right or wrong way to share kitchen duties with a roommate. If you and your roommate are on different schedules then you may not ever be around for a meal together. If this is the case, then you may want to prepare meals, clean up and buy groceries on your own but then share the main cleaning duties each week. If you and your roommate are both home for dinner, then you may want to alternative the cooking and cleaning up duties every night.

Cooking for Two

Cooking for one can get pretty dull pretty quick. However, when you have someone else to try your meals and talk to during dinner, this can liven up the dining room and also keep you motivated to try new things, buy fresh ingredients and prepare healthy meals. Furthermore, knowing that after you have cooked a meal, you don't have to clean up, can make it even more enjoyable.

In many instances, one roommate may love cooking and the other roommate may hate it. If you are the master chef of the house, then you may want to prepare most meals. Ask your roommate if they mind paying for half the groceries and doing the cleaning up duties to help with the kitchen work. Communication is critical when it comes to sharing any living space with someone else.

When it comes to sharing kitchen duties with a roommate you want to be sure that both you and your roommate are happy with the situation. There are several things that can go wrong when living with a roommate. Your roommate may like different foods than you or spend too much money each week on the groceries that you are expected to pay half for. Your roommate may not clean the kitchen as good as you would like or he may cook things that you would rather not eat. All of these things can cause a problem. The most important lesson when it comes to sharing kitchen duties with a roommate is to compromise and to talk about your problems before you let them fester into serious arguments.

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