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Many apartment complexes will not have separate laundry facilities in each apartment unit. What this means is that you will be sharing the laundry facilities with several other tenants in the same building. This can get frustrating, especially if you are used to having free range of the laundry room or only sharing with Mom and Dad. However, there are simple solutions to making the best out of this shared apartment space.

One of the things you should do is try and pick a time of the week or a certain day that you choose to do your laundry. Weekends are going to be much busier than week days and thus you may find that the laundry facilities are actually full. Every unit is different, however, so you need to feel out your new complex and see the best time to do the washing. Some complexes may even have a schedule that you must stick to when using the laundry facilities.

Another thing you need to do when it comes to shared laundry facilities is to get everything organized before you head down there. Laundry rooms are usually quite cramped and may have several washers and dryers in a line. However, there is usually not much room for anything else. Sort your laundry in your apartment and fold it upstairs as well.

Shared Laundry Etiquette

When you are placing items in the washer or dryer, you don't have to sit down there and wait. However, don't leave the clothing in the washing machine all day. Instead, set a timer and do something in your own unit. Once the washing is done, head back downstairs and remove it as quickly as possible so someone else can use the facilities without having to move your clothing out of the machine first. Grabbing your items right away will also reduce the risk of theft, unless your planning on donating clothes to expecting neighbors.

Set a specific time or day dedicated to laundry. Stay around your complex for a few hours so that you are not leaving your washing half done. Use the complex gym, clean your apartment or go for a quick stroll around the block while waiting for the laundry to be finished. Once the timer goes off, take your items out.

If it is a nice day you may wish to dry your items in your own apartment, either outside on the patio or in the shower. This will save you some money if the dryer is machine washable and also some time. After all, you can leave your wet clothes hanging out to dry while you leave the complex without worrying about being rude or risking theft.

Many shared laundry facilities will work on coins which means you need to have coins ready. If this is the case then head to your local bank and purchase a few rolls of coins for the machine. Many facilities will not require coins to work and if yours does not, consider yourself very lucky. It can get incredibly annoying when you are doing the washing and realize you are one coin short of a load.

Sharing the laundry facilities is just one of the many things you may need to get used to when living in an apartment. Make sure you invest in a good laundry basket as well as laundry powder as these will not be supplied. Set a time to do your washing and avoid the urge to leave your washing for several hours. Get it done and out of the way so you can enjoy the rest of the day without worrying about your wet clothes.

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