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Short North Columbus renters insurance focuses on protecting renters rather than homeowners living in this part of Columbus. We all know how important it is to insure when you own your house in Short North Columbus but many renters do not realize that they have the opportunity to insure while renting as well. In fact, an estimated 66 percent of renters across the nation are risking their financial security every day by renting without coverage.

Rented House Insurance

This means that if you are one of the 66 percent currently without Short North Columbus renters insurance, you are risking your finances every single day. The reason is because, if you are faced with any type of disaster, then you could be looking at a loss without Columbus rental coverage. Things like a loss of income if you need to take time off work, replacement costs for your items that have been damaged and moving related expenses if your rented property in Short North Columbus is too damaged can all be claimed when you invest in Short North Columbus renters insurance.

If the news has taught us anything it's that you just never know what may cross your path. Fires, floods, tornadoes and even storms can cause serious damage to property, people and items inside. Hurricanes, thefts, storm damage - all of these things can happen to you and strike your home. Make sure you are protected in the event of these perils and more by looking into Short North Columbus renters insurance.

Determining Your Risks

One of the things you should look into when it comes to Short North Columbus renters insurance is what risk you are of being impacted by a serious disaster and damage to your items. Of course, you cannot predict this but you do know the various risks involved in living in this part of Columbus such as extreme weather, hot and cold fronts and heavy wind and rain storms. This can be especially harmful if you are living in an older home in Short North Columbus where the building may not be able to handle the heavy impact of wind and rain. Furthermore, if you are in an area surrounded by trees, branches and other large structures, then these could crash down with heavy winds and cause damage as well.

Water damage is another big problem for homeowners across Columbus and also a main reason that OH providers see so many claims. While you are may be directly on the coast or near the ocean in Short North Columbus, there are still risks when living close to sea level or near any type of water structure such as a river. If you are living on the ground floor or near a creek, then this can mean you are at risk for flooding and water damage and the appropriate measures should be taken on our Short North Columbus renters insurance policy.

Fire is also a concern, especially for renters in Short North Columbus that are renting a timber structure or sharing the space with several people. Wild fire as well as instances of arson are usually covered under most Short North Columbus renters insurance policies but, again, this all depends on the fine print of the Ohio renters insurance policy. If your home is damaged due to fire, then your items inside will also most likely be destroyed as well. After all, fire does not stop at the structure of the building but burns right through.

Another big risk to consider is theft which is a common problem for homeowners across the nation as well as in Ohio. The thing about theft is that you can protect against it in some instances. Living on the ground floor puts you at risk for theft as does living on a main street or in a home with little security features. Open front yards without proper fencing, poor window insulation and poor lighting around your Ohio property can all put you at risk for theft.

It is important to note that even if your building is extremely safe and built out of concrete in a safe neighborhood, things can still go wrong. This is why we invest in insurance in the first place. However, if you are in an area in Short North Columbus that there are specific risks, then your Ohio renters insurance policy should reflect this.

OH Rental Insurance Comparison

Short North Columbus renters insurance is designed to protect renters in all of the above instances and more. All OH rental insurance policies will list the various perils that will be included on the plan which can include war, storm damage, hurricanes and tornadoes to name a few. Comparing the fine print on each insurance plan is important when looking into Short North Columbus renters insurance policies.