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Over time you may notice that your sidewalk, driveway and any other concrete areas in your outdoor living space are looking a little dark and moldy. This is a common problem for homeowners and renters, but fortunately there is a relatively easy solution - a power washer. A power washer or a pressure washer provides a high pressure wash to your concrete area. While it can be used on a number of surfaces, it is quite popular for homeowners to pressure wash their sidewalk and driveway at least once a year to keep their outdoor living area looking its best. Some city-run maintenance professionals will pressure wash parts of the streets, such as speed bumps, for example.

Pressure Washing Tips

You may look into purchasing your own pressure washer or you may wish to rent one or borrow one from a friend at least once a year. The way a pressure washer works is through your hose. However, while your hose can only supply you with a constant flow of water, a pressure washer works on incredibly high power so that the mould, mildew, grime, dirt and dried up mud can all be washed away.

Pressure washing your sidewalk is a great afternoon activity for the summer and you can even let your kids get involved if you have any. They will love pointing the gun and washing the dirt away. Set aside a couple of hours on a hot sunny afternoon and get to work.

Make sure you are dressed in clothes that can get wet and take your time. To use a power washer you simply need to point and shoot at the place where you want to clean. Using a pressure washer is actually quite therapeutic. As long as you are holding the gun correctly it is also quite easy to do and should not cause too much strain to your body.

Power Washing your Home

In addition to pressure washing your sidewalk, you may also wish to give other areas of your home a quick clean as well. Your driveway is a common area for mould build up. Furthermore, if you have any rocks in your garden, a concrete retaining wall or any other concrete structure it is a good idea to give it a quick clean as well. Keep in mind, however, that a pressure washer is not made for every surface. It can take the varnish off of timber and chip the paint on some surfaces.

If you are looking to pressure wash the stucco on your house, your backyard deck or your fence, make sure you put in on the lowest option. However, even with a low power wash, you may still need to repaint these areas after you are finished. In fact, most professional painters will start off with power washing the homes before putting a first coat of paint on the exterior. That way the paint will go on smoothly and the finished product will look a lot cleaner and more natural.

If you are pressure washing your sidewalk you should also try to choose a time where it will not be super busy. Even if you live on a fairly quiet street you don't want to worry about getting hit by a car or having to stop every couple of seconds to wave at a neighbor or ensure that you are not going to pressure wash a person. Getting hit by a pressure washer full on can hurt someone and leaves bruises and welts. If you have children they will probably want to be outside helping you which is another concern when pressure washing your sidewalk on a busy or main street.

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