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Getting a Silver Lake renters insurance policy in California is simple and affordable for anyone who rents. Whether you are single, raising a family, or facing retirement in the Los Angeles area, you can take advantage of the many benefits that Los Angeles renters insurance has to offer you. Do not assume that you are already covered under your Silver Lake landlord's homeowner's insurance policy. This is certainly not the case at all. Their policy covers their Silver Lakes property in the event of an unforeseen event but not the personal property of their renters, so you need to have a policy that protects your personal property separately.

Many California renters find learn the hard way that their CA landlord's insurance policy does not cover them in the event of a loss to their personal belongings from their Silver Lake rental unit. This can be a financially painful lesson to learn and can cause a pretty big financial setback for many Silver Lake renters. By getting Silver Lake renters insurance, you will be completely protected in the event that covered loss occurs to your Silver Lake home. There are a variety of coverage options and premium ranges that can be customized to fit your budget and lifestyle in Silver Lake. The following information can help you become an educated consumer as you select your Silver Lake renters insurance.

Additional Coverage Options

Silver Lake renters insurance works the same way that any other type of CA insurance does, by protecting all of your assets within your home. And the great thing is that it is fully customized to match your individual situation and your specific needs. You can stick with basic coverage of your personal property that is located inside your Silver Lake rental unit, or you can seek out additional coverage of items located in a separate California storage facility. Your Silver Lake renters insurance could even extend to credit card fraud protection, liability, and loss of use coverage as well.

If you are able to get credit card fraud protection added to your Silver Lake renters insurance, this would potentially cover you from any unauthorized purchases on your credit card. Check to see if your bank or credit card company already offers this protection so that you do not pay for coverage that you do not need with your Silver Lake renters insurance. This may also extend to the unauthorized use of your ATM card and forgery of your personal checks as well.

Liability Coverage

A lot of people wrongfully presume that if someone gets injured inside their Silver Lakes rental property, that their CA landlord will be the one held responsible for the incident. Unfortunately, this is not often what happens in this situation. This is particularly true if it was your actions or negligence that caused their injury. If so, then you will be the first one named in the lawsuit and the one that is held liable. That does not mean that the landlord will not also be sued as well, but whether they are or not does not excuse you from your obligations. Be sure to protect yourself with California renters liability insurance.

It is key to also explore the flip side of the liability coverage that can be included with your Silver Lakes renters insurance. This policy should also cover any damaged that you or a member of your family may cause to another individuals property. For example, if your children are playing baseball and happen to hit the ball right through a Silver Lakes neighbors window, then your Silver Lakes renters insurance could cover the replacement of that window. If you do not have this coverage then your Silver Lakes neighbor could actually take you to court to personally pay for those damages yourself.

Loss of Use

If the property that you are renting becomes unlivable for any reason, then you will obviously need to find another place to stay. For example, if your apartment building suffers from a tragic fire, then you will not be able to live there till they repair the damage caused by the fire and smoke damage. During this time, it could be a great financial burden to try to pay for a hotel or short term rental property. So, if the amount you have to pay exceeds what your normal rent is then your Silver Lake renters insurance can cover that amount. This is great because you will not lose your independence by having to move home with Mom and Dad during this time.

If your decide that you are not going to move back into the rental property once it is repaired, then you may be faced with significant moving expenses. Your Silver Lake renters insurance could cover some of these expenses. Check with your agent to see what is actually covered.