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If you have just recently had your engagement party and you and your partner are living together then one of the things you will need to work out is who pays for what. Many partners that are both working will look at splitting things evenly. This includes the food, the rent and the utilities as well as all the other bills in the house. However, this is not always the case and many couples will have one person be responsible for the rent and the other be responsible for the rest of the bills. The best way to determine how to split your bills is to sit down, look at your budget and talk about it openly.

Deciding Who Pays for What

In some instances one partner will be in charge of all the bills. For example, if only one person is working and the other is staying at home caring for the kids, then there will not be two incomes and there will be no question about who pays what. The earner will be in charge. However, if both partners are working then it makes sense to share these burdens.

The first thing you and your partner will need to do is sit down and look over your income. How much do each of you make each month? Next, once you have this number into place you need to look at the various bills and spending habits every month as well. Some of the bills to consider will be big ones, like rent and car repayments, as well as smaller ones like the internet, the phone, the electricity, the student loan fee, the gym membership, etc. All of these bills need to be paid one way or another.

Then there are also the yearly bills that will come through such as insurance, registration for your cars as well as any tax fees. These are also bills that you will need to consider. Writing down a list of all the money going in and coming out will give you a better idea of what you are working with and who can afford to pay what.

Sharing Responsibility With Your Partner

The best idea is to split the bills so that both you and your partner are still keeping the same amount of spending money or saving money each month. For example, if your partner makes $2000 per month but you only make $1000, then try to have it so you both end up with a savings of $500 at the end of the month to put away or spend on whatever you want. This means he pay be in charge of paying the $1200 rent fee and the $300 water bill while you pay $500 towards the other bills you have.

This is only one example of how to make it fair when it comes to splitting the bills with a partner and renting. You don't want to have it that one partner pays all the bills while the other one saves as if you do end up breaking up, then this is not going to be fair for either parties. Sit down and work out a system that will work for the both of you.

If either of you has a problem or cannot keep up, then sit back down and readjust your budget and spending habits. This is also true if one of you looses your job or the circumstances change. It is important to be prepared to make changes as life goes on and this includes when splitting the bills with a partner as well.

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