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Spraying for insects is not the most exciting way to spend your spare time. However, in some renter's accommodations and some areas in the United States, it is necessary. If you are living in a warm climate then you can expect cockroaches and other insects to try to make a home out of your home. If you are living in a basement suite or on the ground floor, then you can also expect to come across the occasional spider or two. Prepare for any insect by taking the time to compare spraying options and spraying your home on a regular basis.

Insect Spray Selection

Insect spray comes in a number of different styles. There are all-purpose sprays that provide your home with a light mist. There are specialty designed sprays for certain types of insects, such as ants, most quotes and cockroaches. DEET is a pretty popular brand name; however, while it does kill insects it can also release a toxic substance into your home. This is one of the biggest cons to insect spray - the harsh chemicals that kill the bugs can also be harmful to your family and pets. However, there are several 'green' alternatives that promise a non-toxic way to kill insects and keep your family safe.

There are some sprays that can be left on a timer and will release chemicals throughout the day when you take your pet on vacation, while there are others that you spray directly onto a bug for an instant kill. You can choose to buy insect bombs which will 'bomb' your home and leave it with a pile of dead bugs to clean up later or you can leave it to the experts and call an exterminator if things get too bad.

Alternatives to Spraying for Insects

Spraying for insects is only one of the many ways to keep insects at bay in your home. If you are not too keen to use harsh chemicals you can try some homeopathic remedies. Keeping your windows and doors closed at all times is one easy way to keep bugs from coming in. Invest in window screens which allow the breezes to come through but without the bugs. You may want to look into citronella candles which will keep mosquitoes away. Many people swear that by placing almonds in the window sill, spiders will stay away while others believe baking soda is the perfect remedy for ants.

Another way to avoid insects is with regular cleaning and maintenance. Insects are almost always on the lookout for food which is why you may find a pile of ants on one teeny tiny piece of crumb that your son threw on the floor after his lunch. While you cannot be expected to get down on all fours and check the floor after every meal, keeping a dust buster or a broom handy can help eliminate crumbs.

Another good way to keep the floors tidy is to get a dog. It sounds silly but a dog is an excellent cleaner and will be happy to lick the crumbs and other food particles off your floor. Of course, they will also do their part to make a mess by dragging in dirt, dog fur and mud through your freshly mopped home.

In addition to keeping your floors clean, regularly vacuum. Check under beds, in corners and in other areas where cob webs and creepy crawlies will hide. Regular maintenance and cleaning will keep those sprayed insects on their toes. They will soon figure out that no corner is safe from human contact and move on to a different home.

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