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Many homes across America have more than one story. If you are living in a house, a condo, a townhouse or even an apartment that has a staircase connecting each story, then you need to consider the dangers that come with this. Staircase safety is not just important if you have young children - everyone should familiarize themselves with the dangers involved in staircases and make the necessary preparations to avoid any problems down the road.

Children Staircase Safety

If you do have young children, especially babies or toddlers, then invest in a staircase safety gate which locks at the front and bottom of the staircase to prevent children from climbing up and down on their own. Falling down the stairs can result in serious head, back and other injuries, especially in children and the elderly.

You can purchase a safety gate for staircases at any baby store as well as most department stores in the baby section. If you do not have to spend the money on a brand new gate, you can also look for a second hand gate online or at garage sales. Just make sure that everything is in good condition and working order. You do not want to take chances when it comes to your children's safety on the staircase.

Keeping your Stairs Safe

In addition to adding a safety gate if you have young children in the house, you should also make sure your stairs are adequately maintained. Check that all screws are secure and the banister and handrails are firmly in place. If any of the stairs are loose then you could be looking at a serious accident instead of simply worrying about compost bin use.

Staircases can be lined in carpet or just wood. If they are lined with carpet, make sure there are no loose or ripped carpeting on any of the stairs as this can result in a fall. If the stairs are not lined with anything then you need to make sure you have your footing. This can actually be incredibly dangerous, especially if you are wearing high heels as you can slip and fall through the stairs completely. If you are expecting a little one it is a good idea to carpet the stairs as part of the preparation. If you are renting, ask your landlord if this is an option. If not, then investing in a safety gate is even more important.

Another thing you need to consider is the lighting around the staircase. If you are traveling downstairs in the middle of the night to get a drink, you want to be sure there is enough lighting to navigate you there. If there is no light on the staircase, you may want to consider adding a lamp at the bottom or placing a portable tap-on light near the top and bottom of the stairs.

Falling down the stairs can result in serious injuries. In fact, staircase injuries are the most common reason for serious non fatal accidents in the United States, even above car accidents. Children and the elderly are at the highest risk for serious injuries but anyone can be paralyzed, suffer brain damage or even death in the event of a serious trip.

Make sure you have made your stairs as safe as possible and also prepared legally with adequate liability insurance. Liability insurance can take care of any legal or medical related costs in the event that someone does trip and fall on your staircase. This is an important thing for homeowners and renters to consider when looking into staircase safety around the home.

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