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Having a neighborhood watch program in place can make you feel a lot safer in your neighborhood. Essentially, how this works is that you and your neighbors take turns 'watching' over the neighborhood and reporting any suspicious activity. While it may seem like you are spying on your neighbors, this is not the point of a neighborhood watch program. Rather the point is to keep an eye out and look out for your neighbor.

Neighborhood Watch Programs Explained

The extent of a neighborhood watch program will depend on your street. Some streets will have meetings every week while others may only feel the need to meet once a year. Some will have posters up all over the street to warn intruders that this is a neighborhood watched area and that it is not the best place for suspicious activity.

Furthermore, what the duties entail in a neighborhood watch program will all depend on your street and your neighbors. Some neighbors may be on patrol of the street while people are grocery shopping or during the late hours while others will simply keep an eye out from the front yard. You may wish to report any holidays or nights away to your neighbors so that they can keep an eye out on your property. All of these things will need to be discussed with your neighbors at the meetings.

If you are interested in starting a neighborhood watch program then you will need to get your neighbors on board as well. You can do so by speaking to each person individually by knocking on their door one night and asking them to listen to your ideas. Or, you can also look at having a small get together for your neighbors where you can breach the subject with everyone all at once. That way you can get the input of everyone together without it seeming like you are trying to be the boss.

It doesn't take a lot of work to start a neighborhood watch program and can make you feel a lot more peaceful when you are home or away from home. One of the biggest concerns for renters is that if they go away on holiday that something might happen to their property. With a neighborhood watch in place, then the likelihood of something happening is reduced. One of the duties of the watchers may be to have a look around the property, turn on an outside light at your house for a couple hours each night to make it look like someone is home or even water your plants.

How to Start Watch Program

If you are starting a neighborhood watch program then you may need to make up a schedule. For example, perhaps one family will be in charge of watching the street for one week a month. Or perhaps you will want to look into a daily schedule or even a monthly schedule. Another option is to have one family look after one house. For example, every family is in charge of watching the house to their right all year round. If your house goes on holiday, then you are on duty.

There is no right or wrong way to start a neighborhood watch program and there is no right way to manage it as well. Meetings can help keep the communication lines open but these are not required either. When it comes to starting a neighborhood watch program, ask around and see if anyone would be interested. If there is interest, then you are already halfway there.

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