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Starting a family cell phone plan is a great way to stay in touch with all members of your family and save some money in the process. Once your kids reach a certain age it can be next to impossible to keep track of them and what they are doing. Having a cell phone is a great way to keep in touch on the go. Shop around for different family cell phone plans and consider how often you will be using your phone when choosing the right plan for you.

Choosing a Cell Phone Plan

When it comes to a family cell phone plan you are probably looking at four to six individual cell phones all linked together. You and your spouse will have on and then your children will also have one each as well. Most family phone plans offer free calling and text messages to one another as well as to others in your network (in some instances). Some plans offer unlimited calls and texts to any cell phone in range but these plans will be much more expensive.

Nowadays there is much more to think about than just using your cell phone to call. Like used tire planters, phones have many purposes. You may also want to check your email, update your Facebook status, download the latest music video and entertain your toddler with kid's television programs all from your phone. This is completely possible but you need to have internet connection and enough GB to roam freely. When looking into family cell phone plans, consider also connecting your emails and other accounts to your phone for complete connection on the go.

Kids these days depend on their phones like they depend on their lungs. Not having a phone means you are automatically un-cool and life is, as we all know it, officially over. You may be against giving a 13 year old a cell phone but consider the advantages to it. First of all, having a cell phone means there is no reason for them to be out of touch. If there is ever an emergency, they can contact you or emergency services in an instant.

Keep Your Family Connected

Having a family cell phone plan is also convenient. A simple text message to your kids can determine whether they will be home for dinner or whether they have other activities planned. A joint family text can let everyone know they must be home by a certain time. This is actually a really easy way to keep your family closer, even as the kids start to grow up and drift away.

Set rules when it comes to kids and cell phones, such as no talking, texting or checking Facebook after 6:00 pm or no phones at the dinner table or while doing homework. If your kids are out with friends, make it a rule that they must text you at least once a night to check in. If you are paying for the family cell phone plan, then the least they can do is adhere to the rules you set out. If not, then take the phone away; after all, you are the boss.

Most providers offer family cell phone plans. When it comes to starting a family cell phone plan, take some time to think about what you need. Sit down with your family and go over their needs as well. Look through brochures and shop online together to pick out handsets that each child will be happy with and a plan that will save you money down the road. Shop, share and stay connected to your family with this simple cell phone solution.

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