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Stony Brook University

Stony Brook University Off Campus Housing

Stony Brook University off campus housing life will provide you with a completely new experience. If you are Stony Brook University student who has never lived in an apartment before, there will be a lot of things to learn and many adjustments to make. This is sure to be the case even if you have already had some experience living away from home at one of the Stony Brook University residence halls.

Off Campus Housing is Different

Your Stony Brook University friends may already enjoy living in NY independently at off campus housing apartments in the Stony Brook area. Perhaps you have visited several off campus housing rentals where your friends and classmates live. The only difference you can see about Stony Brook University off campus housing and residence halls is that off campus housing in Stony Brook is much more fun. There is more room, more freedom and best of all, few rules.

While this is somewhat the case, the reality of renting an off campus housing apartment in NY is a much bigger financial responsibility than living at a Stony Brook University residence hall. Even if you have parents who help out with some financial aspects of your Stony Brook University education, you will still discover that it is much different to have to depend upon yourself for just about everything once you embark on Stony Brook University off campus housing life. If you choose to rent with roommates from Stony Brook University, it can make the experience more affordable.

It can also make the adjustment to apartment living a little easier. When you live at Stony Brook University off campus housing you will need to be responsible for the monthly rent payment. Even a rent that costs a few hundred dollars for your share of the apartment can seem a lot more of a challenge to meet when you begin experiencing what living independently entails.

Your electricity is not going to be free, nor will your heat or hot water, necessarily. Many Stony Brook University off campus housing rentals may include utilities in the rent. This can make it easier to pay all of your necessary expenses by only needing to worry about writing one check. But, if your rental will require you and your roommates to be responsible for utilities it is important to realize that the payments for these services will also need to be paid once each month.

Some Stony Brook University off campus housing rentals may be rooms for rent in a home. In instances such as these, you may need to be responsible for bringing garbage cans to the curb in time for pick up. Some communities will impose fines for residents who fail to keep things like garbage under control. This is because it can pose health hazards.

If you were able to get away with telling your parents you were too busy with home work to take out the trash when you lived at home, be prepared to become much more responsible. If roommates are sharing the Stony Brook University off campus housing, it is important that each person agrees to some form of schedule for shared chores such as taking out the garbage. You may have assumed that no rules apply to off campus housing, but without some rules living with roommates can become disorganized or even contentious.

Getting a Safe New Home

When you begin looking for your Stony Brook University off campus housing the first thing you will want to pay attention to is the upkeep of any potential rental. It is possible to be lured into a potential apartment from a listing that boasts the most inexpensive rent you have found anywhere. If it turns out that once you see the rental in person it is in need of any obvious repairs, particularly to the plumbing or electrical systems, keep looking for your new place.

It is very important to rent a safe and well kept apartment. Make sure any place you seriously consider is also well lit at night and has dead bolt locks on outside doors. There should be smoke detectors installed and in working condition when you go to inspect the rental as well. Once you find the right apartment and move in the safety measures should not stop there.

It is going to be the landlord's job to handle any repairs to the building you rent. However, if ever there was anything that caused loss or damage to your belongings, you would not be able to get the landlord to help. This is why it is necessary to buy renter's insurance on your Stony Brook University off campus housing belongings. It is inexpensive and can protect everything you own for thousands of dollars in the event of loss due to fire or theft.

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