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Is your pantry overflowing with tins of food, cereal boxes and storage containers that could possibly have been there since the 80’s? Then it’s time for a pantry makeover. There are several easy methods of organizing your pantry which will not only make it easier to get to your items, but also help you use the food that is actually in there.

Pantry Organization Tips

There is no right or wrong way to organize your pantry whether you live in a tiny apartment or three bedroom house – the trick is to use a system that works for you and makes it easy for you to access every single item. When everything is out in the open you will also have a much easier time with the weekly grocery shop. If one of the shelves looks empty, then you know exactly what items need to be replaced. This can save you a lot of money in the end and also help you reduce the amount of food that is wasted. Rather than buying another baking powder when you already have four hidden away behind the flour, you know exactly what you need each week.

It is a good idea to set up a spot for every type of food. Perhaps you will make one shelf for cereal and breakfast foods, one shelf for drinks (tinned coffee, tinned hot chocolate, etc), one shelf for lunch and dinner foods (pastas, rice), one shelf for spices and oils, one shelf for tinned cooking food (condensed soups, diced tomatoes) and one shelf for tinned edibles (canned tuna, spaghetti, soups). You may also want to have a shelf for your pet’s food, a shelf for your baking items (sugar, flour, baking soda) and a shelf for your spreads (peanut butter, honey).

In addition to food, many people will also use their pantry to store containers, bowls and other cook ware. If this is the case, designate an area to these types of items. Let everyone in the family know that this is their spot so when it is your son’s turn to unload the dishwasher, the bowls end up back where they belong and not hidden in some obscure cupboard.

Storing Food in your Pantry

Many people will use storage containers to store food such as pasta, cereal and raisins. This is a good idea as it keeps the items fresh, allows you to easily see when the stock is getting low and keeps the ants and other bugs out of the opened boxes. You can purchase storage containers that are designed for pantry organization but you can also use old containers. Save spaghetti bottles, pickle jars and any other type of jar that comes with a lid. Just be sure to give the jar a good wash before putting any item in it. The best items for storage containers are dried foods such as corn flakes, cheerios, rice, banana chips and oats. Make labels so that your family is aware of what is in each container.

When it comes time to organize your pantry you will most likely need to take everything out first, give the shelves a good wash with warm soap and water and then put all the items back in, either back in the boxes or into the storage containers. Make sure you have a garbage bag handy to throw away any stale items, broken containers with missing lids or pieces of old food that have stuck to the shelves. Once your pantry is clean and tidy and once you have implemented an organization system, you will be surprised how easy it becomes to not only find food but also keep it stacked and cleaned each week.

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