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When you are living in a small cramped apartment it is only natural to start wanting extra space to store your items. Many apartment renters will actually donate clothes to expectant neighbors, and even look to using the space outside of their apartment to store a few items. However, doing this may be against your renters agreement, may be considered a fire hazard and may result in a problem with your landlord. If you do want to use the hallway to keep a couple of small items, then make sure you ask your landlord ahead of time.

Safety and Fire Concerns

One of the main reasons why you can get into a lot of trouble when blocking off the hallway for your own personal items is because it could be a fire hazard. Hallways and corridors need to be big enough so that people can get out without being blocked in by bicycles, dressers, tables and shoe holders blocking the way. If your hallway is already quite narrow then it is probably against the law due to the fire regulations to make it even smaller. If you have a large hallway to work with, however, the you may get away with adding a small table or a shoe rack outside of your apartment doors.

Another problem that using your hallway poses is that it could annoy your neighbors. After all, if you are allowed to put out a small table, your roller blades and your bike in the hallway, then they will want to store some items out there as well. It only takes a couple of days to turn the apartment corridor into a dirty laundry room which is definitely going to pose a fire restriction problem and concern from your landlord.

Another thing you need to remember when using the hallway for your personal items is that this is an open area. Your items will not be safe from theft in any way. Even if you live in a small complex and know all your neighbors, friends of theirs or even strangers could easily come into the complex and help themselves to your items in the hallway. You need to keep this is mind if you decide to choose your hallway to store a few personal items.

Sharing the Hallway

If you want to take the risk and use your hallway to store a few small items then you need to keep it very simple. Choose one main item and leave it at that, such as a coat rack, a small table with an ornamental bowl or a shoe rack. Do not add all three - just pick one.

Furthermore, get permission from your landlord. There is a good chance that he is going to say no, even if the item is quite small but this is better than going behind his back and setting up your own little entrance way in the hallway only to be told to remove it within the hour. Asking him to use the hallway shows respect and courtesy and may result in a yes simply because you have taken the time to ask.

When using the hallway for your personal items you need to be very careful not to cross a line. If you do have a little alcove where your door is or if the hallway is quite large, then you may get away with placing a small item out there to add ambiance and to make room in your own cluttered apartment space. However, don't overdo it. Making the hallway part of your apartment space is only going to result in anger from your landlord as well as the neighbors.

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