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Having valuables in your home means there is more concern for damage to your items. Valuables generally mean extra expensive items but they can also include extra special items such as mementos and personal belongings. It is important to store these special and expensive things properly to preserve them and care for them in the event of a disaster.

Where to Store Valuables

The easiest tip when it comes to storing valuables is to keep them in a waterproof container. Try to avoid storing valuables in the garage, the basement or the attic as these are the places that are most likely going to be damaged in the event of a storm or flooding. Try to keep your items stored above the floor and in water proof and tight containers that can easily be moved and will not be damaged in the event of water or mud.

Other valuables, such as jewelry and watches should be stored in a safe area. You might want to invest in a safe for your bedroom which is a good way to store other valuables such as cash and stocks as well. Just don't forget the code, no matter what you do! If you do not have in room safe then getting a jewelry box with a lock is a good option. However, make sure you hide your box in a safe place when you are leaving home as thieves will often go for the jewelry box first off.

Try to store all your valuables together. That way, if you do need to make a quick escape you can easily grab the container and run. In addition to your jewelry and other expensive items you might want to include important documentation in this container as well. This includes things like passports, birth certificates, medical records and insurance papers to name a few things. Make a list of all the valuables in your home and plan ahead according to what happens matter to you and what items were the most expensive.

Valuables and Insurance

There are some valuables that you cannot keep hidden all the time. You may want to display your paintings on the wall rather than lock them in a trunk in the bedroom. And this is fair enough. One way to protect your valuables is to invest in adequate renters insurance.

The type of insurance you need is called contents insurance and is part of any standard renters insurance policy. What this insurance does is offer compensation for your lost or damaged items such as your valuables. However, on a standard policy you will only be granted a certain amount for each item. For example, there may be a limit of $1000 in place which may not cover even a fraction of the cost of the items you are insuring.

If you are insuring items like watches, wedding rings and paintings that are worth $10,000 each, then you can look into adding valuables coverage onto your policy. What this does is insure these particular items for more than what the limit is. You can be guaranteed a higher payout for these items if they are stolen or damaged.

When it comes to how to store valuables in your home, there is no right or wrong answer. Hiding your items may not be suitable for you as you might prefer to wear your jewelry and display your antiques. And there is nothing wrong with this. Just make sure you have adequate insurance in place just in case.

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