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Student housing insurance is an excellent way to protect your financial situation (and your sanity) if you are ever struck with disaster. Students are under enough stress with day to day life, balancing school work with social activities, without the added pressure for any natural disaster or accidental damage. However, if you are hit with a storm, fire, hurricane, theft, vandalism or any other serious damage, then student housing insurance can help you out of a sticky situation. Your finances will remain safely in check and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Student Housing Rental Insurance

Student housing insurance is a form of renters coverage made especially for students. It does not matter if you are renting a dorm room on campus or a shared townhouse in the middle of the city, you will want to protect the things you love from the disasters you cannot control. There are several different insurance level options which you can pick and choose depending on your situation. Contents insurance will pay to replace or repair objects such as jewelry, clothing, computers, textbooks, paintings, area rugs, furniture, and electronics and other moveable items (or contents) in your student townhouse. Loss of use coverage will pay for any expenses incurred if your home is made unlivable including moving fees as well as alternative accommodation. Physical liability protection takes care of the medical and legal fees incurred if someone is seriously injured in the student housing that you are renting.

The type of student housing insurance you choose will depend on your living situation. If you are renting a dorm room, then you may only need to worry about contents insurance as, in most instances, your college will have coverage for any structural damage or serious injury that occurs on campus. However, if you are living off campus at student housing apartments, you might want to consider all three levels of student housing insurance, especially if your condo has become known as a social gathering or party house. If someone is seriously injured at one of your house parties, then you could be looking at several thousands of dollars in medical expenses as well as legal fees. Most students can barely afford to put food on the table, let alone pay for a lawsuit.

Off Campus Housing Insurance

Living in any type of communal unit, whether it is a loft, an apartment, a condominium or a dorm room, comes with plenty of perks. You get the social aspect of living with other students just like you but you also get the independence and freedom of being away from your family. You are free to eat when you want to, watch TV when you feel like it and take a shower without worrying about your brothers or sisters bugging you. However, student housing also comes with several responsibilities. After all, there is no Mom to do your laundry for you or clean up after dinner. There is no Dad to put fuel in your car or mow the lawn. Once you are away from home, all of these annoying responsibilities are up to you.

Student housing also comes with several hazards that you must be well aware of. Living with other people means that you depend on them for safety concerns. While you may always lock the gate, your neighbor may not and you could be looking at a break in. While you may always shut off the taps after a shower, your roommate may not and you could be looking at a waterlogged computer. Furthermore, while you may always turn off your hot plate after a midnight snack, your dorm mate may not and you could wake up to a smoke filled on campus house.

Student Housing Insurance Discounts

Student living is expensive, especially if you are going to school full time. Most students are either only working a few hours a week or not working at all which means their budgets are stretched pretty tightly as is. There is really no room after paying the various monthly expenses, for emergencies. With student housing insurance, you do not have to worry about the costs involved if you are struck with a disaster. Instead of asking Mom and Dad for a loan or relying on your senior citizen relatives to send you the money for new furniture, you can be rest assured that your financial security is protected.

One way to find the best deals on student housing insurance is with an online search. You will have instant access to a number of providers in your area that specialize in student housing insurance discounts. You can find a cheap premium on a policy that suits your housing needs. Finding, buying and relying on renters insurance has never been easier or more affordable.