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Swaynes Addition renters insurance offers renters with financial relief in the event of a disaster such as a fire or storm. It is not fair that only homeowners are offered house insurance which is why rental insurance exists in the first place. Renters and homeowners both want to protect their belongings and their financial security as much as they can which is why we insure in the first place. Compare Swaynes Addition renters insurance policies and see what you are missing out on. You may be surprised at easy and affordable it is to insure with Swaynes Addition renters insurance.

Only around one third of all renters actually invest in renters insurance. If you are one of the many renters in Swaynes Addition that are still risking everything by going without Columbus renters coverage, then there are a number of reasons to change your mind. Before you squash the idea of purchasing yet another form of coverage, think about these misconceptions and truths surrounding OH rental coverage.

Columbus Rental Insurance

First of all, Swaynes Addition renters insurance is actually quite affordable. Insurance affordable? Yah right! But it's true. You can expect Swaynes Addition renters insurance to be only a fraction of the standard homeowner coverage costs.

Swaynes Addition renters can actually get coverage from as little as $12 per month. This is only around $150 per year. When compared to other forms of cover, such as car coverage or homeowner's coverage in Ohio, this is incredibly affordable. In fact, Swaynes Addition renters insurance is one of the cheapest types of coverage out there.

Landlord Vs Renter Responsibility

Another common misconception when it comes to renting any type of dwelling, from an apartment in Swaynes Addition to a house in Swaynes Addition, is that the landlord takes care of any insurance related issues. This is actually not the case. Yes, a landlord will need coverage for his property but this will under his own name and has nothing to do with you, the renter.

Under a landlord's policy things like the structural damage to the house, the cleanup costs after a serious event and liability instances will be covered. However, the costs for you to move out and find a new place to live, the costs to replace the items that have been destroyed inside the house - these are costs that the renter is responsible for, not your landlord. This is where Swaynes Addition renters insurance comes into effect.

What this means is that if you are ever faced with damage to your OH property, then you will be responsible for paying for the items that have been damaged inside without proper Ohio renters insurance. This can equate to several thousands of dollars that you were not planning on having to part with. The worst part is that all of this could have been avoided by investing in Swaynes Addition renters insurance.

What will be covered under your policy? This depends on what policy you have invested in. However, in general, under a basic coverage policy you can get $30,000 of protection for your items. This includes things like electronics and furniture as well as toys, clothes, valuables and anything else worth insuring. Keep in mind, however, that you will generally not get the same amount back that you paid for the item as most basic policies work in actual value. If you want more protection and to be compensated without depreciation in mind then you will need to choose an Ohio replacement value policy which tends to be a little pricier.

You will also be offered compensation for other costs involved with any type of incident at your rental property in Swaynes Addition. For example, you will be offered compensation for moving related costs as well as for any injuries that happen on your property. Most policies in Ohio will include payment in the event of several perils such as fires, flooding, earthquake damage, landslides, tornadoes, theft, riots and storm damage. However, what you are actually covered for will depend on the fine print on the policy that you choose.

OH Claims Process

A final misconception when it comes to Columbus rental coverage is that it is hard to make a claim and actually get the money you deserve. This is also not true. While the general claims process will depend on the Columbus provider you are working with, you can expect it to be relatively easy.

You will need to fill in a claims report and pay the deductible as per your policy agreement. You will then receive a phone call and a visit from a Swaynes Addition claims adjuster that will check that the claim matches the damages. You will then receive your compensation. It really is as easy as that when it comes to Swaynes Addition renters insurance. So what are you waiting for?