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If you're thinking about making a change in the kind of beef that you normally eat, then you should really consider the benefits of switching to grass fed beef. This type of beef is a lot different from what most people consume all of the time, which is usually grain fed beef. Grain fed beef is basically what it sounds like, beef that comes from cows who have been fed grain to fatten them up. Usually, those cows who are fed grains end up gaining weight very quickly, and they can then be used sooner.

With grass fed beef, the cows have been fed grass throughout their lives. Using grass will often take longer in terms of allowing cows to reach the ideal weight for consumption, but there is a lot of reason to wait for such a long time. Like teaching your kids about money saving, there are many different benefits of switching to grass fed beef, so you should think about this if you want to make a significant change in your diet. You will find this it is much better for you and your health, while it's also considered to be a lot better for the environment.

Reasons to Make the Switch

One of the best reasons for you to switch to grass fed beef is that these animals are often healthier, and that means that their meat is safer for you to eat. A lot of cows that are grain fed have been known to carry e. coli, and this is something that can be very harmful to humans. If you make the switch to grass fed beef today, then you have a much better chance of being safer when you consume meat. Cows' bodies are more well suited to eat grass than other things.

Also, if you do make the switch to grass fed beef, then you are going to be consuming fat that is healthier for you. With grain fed beef, you will be more likely to consume lots of saturated fat, and this is the kind of stuff that you won't be able to trim off. When you choose to eat grass fed beef, then you're not going to be getting meat that is as high in saturated fat. You'll be getting a product that is lower in overall fat but has good omega-3 fats.

Furthermore, the grass that is used to feed these cows is usually better for the soil than the types of grains that need to grown to feed grain fed cows. A lot of these types of grains will deplete the soil easily, and it will be difficult to grow crops there year after year. Perennial pastures that are used to grow grass are actually a lot better for the soil and can actually help replenish nutrients. Grass that is better for the soil is something that should be considered because it will be much better for the environment.

Costs of Grass Fed Beef

One thing that you need to know before you make the switch to grass fed beef is that it usually costs a lot more than grain fed beef. While this can be considering a drawback, it should not dissuade you from switching to grass fed beef. If you are really concerned about the extra cost, then you can just not eat as much meat as you normally would. Eating less meat could actually turn out to be a really good thing for you and for the environment. So think about making this change today if you want to be a little healthier.

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