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If you enjoy the area where you are living but are looking for a change in your apartment, one of the options you may consider is switching units within your complex. You may choose to upgrade from a studio room to a one bedroom apartment, from an apartment with a view of the parking lot to an apartment with a view of the beach, from a ground floor unit to a third floor unit. Whatever the case, if you are a good tenant who keeps the noise down and knows how to conserve water, then your landlord should be happy to let you make the switch if a different apartment becomes available. However, you need to talk to him about it first.

Lease Negotiations when Switching Apartments

When it comes to switching units within your complex it is important to discuss it with your landlord. Let him know that you really love the place but you are looking for something different. If anything becomes available, he may be willing to give you the first look as long as you are willing to adhere to a new lease. Explain your reasoning why you want to switch units - perhaps you want more space; perhaps you are having a baby and need an extra bedroom; perhaps you are looking for a nicer view of the city; perhaps you want to live on the ground floor to avoid walking up 200 stairs each day.

If you are currently in a lease then your landlord may not be willing to let you switch apartments until the lease is finished. If he is willing to let you break the lease then you can expect a new lease to be written up. The same rules of the complex will most likely apply (such as no pets, no smoking) but the rent will probably be different. If you are moving from a one bedroom to a two bedroom you can expect to be paying more each month. This is also true if you are moving away from the ground floor or choosing an apartment with a nice feature such as a fire place, a balcony or a view.

You may also need to sign the lease agreement for a longer period of time. For example, if you are in a twelve month lease and have been there for ten months, you will most likely need to sign and agree to live in the new apartment for another twelve months, not just two months. However, every single lease agreement is different. Sit down and discuss your options with your landlord if you are making the move.

Moving within a Complex

While you may not need to hire a moving truck to move your belongings up the stairs, you still need to consider that this is a move. You need to take the time to give your old apartment a serious clean. This means washing the windows, the floors, the baseboards, the oven, the toilets and in every other nook and cranny in the place. It also means respecting your neighbors when you are moving furniture. Let them know that you will be moving on a certain day and thus the elevator or stairway may be occupied with boxes, beds and bodies helping you with the move.

Switching units within a complex is a much easier way to upgrade. If you enjoy the neighborhood, the complex and the security of living where you do, then moving within the complex makes a lot of sense. You don't have to map out a new route to work and you don't have to explore a new neighborhood. You remain in your comfort zone, just in a new home.

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