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Taking your pet on vacation is beneficial for the pet owner and the pet. Your pet will love feeling like part of the family and you will enjoy having his company and his excitement for the adventure to come. Most pet owners consider their pet as one of the family and thus it may seem silly not to bring him with you. If you are taking your pet on vacation with you, then prepare for the journey ahead by looking for pet friendly accommodation and activities that everyone in the family will enjoy, just remember to turn down the thermostat before you leave.

Planning for a Pet Friendly Vacation

If you are driving with your pet then you need to have a comfortable place for him to sit. If you are taking a truck then your dog will love to be tied up in the back with the wind on his face. If you are taking a car then perhaps put a blanket down in the back seat to accommodate your pet. You may choose to keep him in a crate for the long journey ahead. Make sure you have plenty of snacks and take bathroom breaks for the kids as well as for your pet. If your pet gets car sick, then plan accordingly for this as well.

When bringing your pet with you on holiday you need to think of activities during the day that your pet will be able to attend. After all, you cannot just leave him in the car all day long. If you are staying at a pet friendly resort then you may be happy to leave him in a crate in the hotel room for a few hours but it is best to consider some good pet friendly hot spots in the area. Beaches are always a great way for you, your family and your pet to enjoy the holiday as are picnic areas. Some parks, outdoor recreational facilities and even restaurants and cafes are pet friendly so do a little research before packing up your pooch for holiday.

Pet Friendly Accommodation

There are several pet friendly hotels across America. Furthermore, many campgrounds and RV parks allow you to bring your pets inside as well. Before you start out on your journey, do an online search or speak to your travel agent about pet friendly places to stay. There may be other pets there for your furry friend to play with and you will feel welcome wherever you are. This is the easiest way for both you and your pet to enjoy your holiday.

Another option to consider is looking into boarding kennels in the area where you will be staying. If you are not keen to stay at a pet friendly resort or campground, then you may want to look for a boarding kennel in the area. That way your pet can come with you and enjoy the ride but won't stay with you.

During the day you can pick up your pet and take him on pet-friendly activities with you when going on pet vacation, such as to the beach or on picnics but there is always a place for him to go during those non-pet-friendly activities such as going to the shops, eating out in a restaurant and taking in a concert. Having your pet nearby can be better for you as you know that if something does happen, he is only down the road. Furthermore, it can relieve some anxiety for your pet as he still gets to see you every day, even if it's just for a short walk before its back to the kennel for the night.

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