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Fishing is a sport that people of all ages can enjoy. Even toddlers will love going out on the boat with Mom and Dad and throwing a rod into the water. Some kids even prefer to have birthday parties at the lake with their friends and family. Whether you catch anything or not is besides the point when taking your family fishing - the most important thing is that everyone has a good time as a family.

There are a number of different ways to fish. You may choose to pick a spot by the river, lake or ocean, set up a blanket and put your rod in the water. Or, you may wish to go out fishing on a boat, either on the lake, the ocean or a river. Either way, you can do it with your entire family. However, if you are heading out on a boat, make sure you have the licensing and the equipment necessary. Furthermore, it is not recommended that children under the age of 1 go on a fishing boat.

Fishing With Children

Make sure that your children have the proper equipment and gear for fishing. This includes a life jacket, a hat and clothes that cover their skin as well as sunscreen. It can get extremely hot on the water and the sun can easily burn your skin. Furthermore, make sure you pack plenty of cold water and bug spray as well as food provisions just in case.

When you are taking your family fishing it is a good idea to have the bait and the rods all ready to go before hand. Catching live bait can be difficult with children, especially impatient ones that want to fish, not look for worms or reel in prawns. Take the time to organize a picnic lunch and fishing rods for the entire family before you get in the car and head out to your perfect spot.

Fishing is all about patience which is hard for children to grasp, especially young children. You may find that after sitting on the water for ten minutes your children decide they are bored. Bring a few games to play and other things to occupy the kids if they decide fishing is not for them. Try to choose a place where you know they are fish, even small ones and use the tide chart to pick a time when you think they will be biting.

If you are fishing on land then bring a soccer ball or other sporting activity for the kids to play. That way you can take a break or even leave the rod in the water and do something else while you wait for a bite. And, if you do go home with nothing, at least you had fun waiting for the fish.

Fishing Equipment for Your Family

You can buy fishing rods for children as little as one. Of course, your toddler may not be able to cast a fishing rod but you can easily attach a plastic fish to the line and let him have a turn. Older kids will be able to cast and even catch a fish with a little guidance from Mom or Dad. Of course, with this being said, there is always the chance that you and your family will come home empty handed.

Of course, taking your family fishing week after week and not catching a thing can get a little annoying. If you want to actually catch some fish, leave the kids at home and go out with a friend. That way you can actually focus on catching fish rather than making sure the kids are happy, fed and safe.

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