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Teaching your kids what to do in an emergency is something that is important at any age. Whether they need to simply locate and use a proper first aid kit, or in a real emergency know how to pick up the phone and dial 911. While a toddler may not possess the skills to dial 911 in an emergency, as soon as children understand how to use the telephone, they should be taught how to dial 911. Below are some easy tricks to teaching them how to handle an emergency situation and how to dial 911.

As soon as your child is able to handle the telephone and speak clearly, then they will be able to dial 911 in an emergency. In many instances, if you are faced with an emergency you may be able to walk them through. For example, if you have fallen and cannot get up, then you can tell your child to get the phone, bring it to Mommy and dial the numbers. However, there are other instances where they will need to do this on their own. If, for example, you are left unconscious, then they will need to dial 911 by themselves.

You cannot expect a three year old to know what to do. In fact, many ten year olds still won't be sure what to do in an emergency. Seeing Mommy on the floor can send some children into a state of panic while others will instinctively know what to do. This is also true with adults of all ages. The only thing you can do is prepare them as best as possible and teach them how to handle this situation. Hopefully with practice, instinct will take over, if they are ever faced with this situation.

Dialing 911 Practice Exercises

The best way to teach children to dial 911 is to show them. Take the time to go over different situations where you may need to dial 911 and show them on the telephone how to dial. You can unplug the phone and let them dial 911 for themselves but make sure they are not actually contacting emergency services as this can become problematic. Do the drill of dialing emergency services with different scenarios once a week for several months. In time they will be fully prepared and hopefully react in the way you want them to.

One problem, however, with teaching kids to dial 911 too early is that they will get excited about their new skill and may wish to showcase this talent to you by practicing all the time. If you notice that your child is constantly reaching for the phone to dial 911 then you need to explain to them that this is not allowed. Try to teach them what an emergency is or look for books in the library that feature emergency situations and how to deal with it.

There are a wide collection of books and videos that showcase emergency situations and how to handle them. If you are lost, check online by performing a quick 'books on emergencies' search and you will be surprised at what comes up. Children love learning through visual stimulation which is why teaching them to dial 911 and other valuable emergency skills, is best taught through practice and through books.

Whether you choose to use books, videos or show and tell, teaching kids to dial 911 is an important thing for all parents to do. While you are at it, make sure you also go over your family fire drill and teach your kids who their emergency contact person is in the event of an accident. Armed with the right knowledge, you may be surprised at how capable and calm your child will be in the event of an accident.

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