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Have you added a new family member to the household? If so, then you will need to tell your landlord about this. Like painting a wall or installing cabinets, furry babies need to be discussed with your landlord. If your apartment or house is pet friendly then there shouldn't be a problem; however, it is common courtesy to inform your landlord about any big decisions such as the addition of a pet to the household.

Discussing a Pet with your Landlord

A new pet is a big responsibility. In between purchasing the necessary accessories, such as a food dish, a leash, a bed and a litter box, you also need to find the time to let your landlord know about your decision. It is critical that you tell your landlord ahead of time so he is not surprised to see a big dog living in his home.

If you are unsure of whether or not your landlord allows pets in the unit then re-read the lease agreement. Most lease agreements will clearly state if pets are allowed or not. Some landlords let certain pets into a building, such as small dogs or birds, while others ban all animals, no matter what. If the lease agreement does not state anything about pets, contact your landlord to see what he thinks. Let him know what type of pet you are looking into getting and get his approval first.

How you choose to tell your landlord about your own pet will depend on your living situation. If your landlord lives in the same complex as you or if he lives in the upstairs part of a house, then it is fairly easy to have a face-to-face conversation about your new pet. Furthermore, there is a good chance that you will bump into him on the stairs or in the lobby with your new animal. As long as he knows ahead of time that you are bringing a new friend home, he won't be shocked or angry when he does meet your new little friend for the first time.

If your landlord lives fair away and does not come to your unit very often then you can let him know over the phone. The key to discussing a pet with your landlord is to ask, not tell. Even if the lease clearly says "pets allowed," make a courtesy call to him anyway just to confirm it is okay. This will demonstrate to your landlord that you are a respectful tenant and will reflect better on you when you do move out.

Landlords and Pet Friendly Rentals

When you tell your landlord about your decision to get a pet he may have a few rules to follow. For example, he may allow pets in his rental house but only outside to avoid ruining the carpets and scratching the hardwood floors. Your landlord may also suggest that you make your laundry room your pet's 'area' or that you keep the yard clean of any pet droppings by doing a daily check of the lawn. These are all valid and reasonable requests. It is important to remember that, at the end of the day, it is your landlord's home and thus his decision on how to handle his tenants and their pets.

Do the right thing when you are looking into getting a pet by discussing your decision with your landlord ahead of time. That way you avoid any disappointment or stress of having to move out or sell your new pet because of a conflict. A simple phone call or conversation will go a long way when discussing a new pet with landlords.

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