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If you are fortunate enough to be living in an apartment complex that includes a tennis court, then you should take full advantage of this bonus. Whether you are an avid tennis player or have never swung a racket in your life, you can benefit from using the tennis court facility in your rental complex.

Tennis Court Rules and Regulations

There are a few unwritten rules about using your apartment complex tennis courts which you should be aware of before stepping onto the court. If the courts are close to people’s units, then you might want to avoid smashing the ball around at 1 am. This will avoid possible future roommate disputes and arguements. Furthermore, keep the noise to a minimum and avoid swearing, yelling or getting angry when playing. Do not drink alcohol while playing tennis as this can cause a liability. And, finally, be courteous and respectful to the other players and neighbors. If someone is waiting for the courts, shorten your game and let them have a turn.

Tennis also offers many different gaming options. You can choose to simply pass the ball back and forth on the court with a friend. In between each bump, bounce and swing, you can catch up on the weekly gossip. Or, you can opt for a more competitive version of tennis with either a singles or doubles game. The object of the game of tennis is to strike the rubber ball over the net into the opponent’s court. Every time you do this, you will get a point.

The Benefits of Tennis

Tennis offers an excellent aerobic workout and adrenaline rush. You will be surprised how many calories you can burn in one session. Furthermore, most people do not even realize they are working out when playing tennis. Playing tennis with a friend, whether it is competitively or just for fun, will allow you to strengthen your upper body, tone your lower body and arms and build up your cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore, tennis is also easier on the feet and knees, especially if you invest in a good pair of exercise shoes.

Tennis is also an excellent stress reliever. After a long week at the office, there is nothing like smashing a ball or two on the courts. You will feel refreshed afterwards and can relieve all that built up tension from the busy work week. Furthermore, tennis is also a lot more invigorating than heading to the complex gym and running empty minded on a treadmill for a half an hour. You will burn more calories playing tennis and you will avoid the tedious workouts that often accompany the gym.

The next time you have some friends over and are contemplating renting a DVD or walking to the local bar, consider putting on your shorts and t-shirts and heading down to the tennis courts instead. Even if you have never played before or are not much of a sports buff, you may surprise yourself with how fun the sport can be, no matter what caliber you are at.

If you are interested in playing tennis in apartment complexes, you can also look for players in your own complex by putting up a poster in the main lobby. Give your name, phone number or apartment number and let your neighbors know that you are interested in a friendly game or two. You never know… you may get enough people interested that you can start your own league within your complex. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors, make some new friends, remain fit and have fun all at the same time.

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