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If you are attending a big birthday party at a friend's house or hosted by someone, then it is nice to give them a little thank you gift to show your appreciation. While this is not always necessary there are some instances where bringing along a little gift or sending a little card after the event can put a smile on their face and show that you appreciate what they have done. Choose from a wide range of excellent thank you gifts that are appropriate for the situation.

Easy Elegant Thank You Presents

One of the most common thank you gifts is a bottle of nice wine. This is great for all occasions from dinner parties to birthday parties and everything in between. The good thing about bringing along a bottle of wine to a party is that in many instances the host will share the present around at the party. If not, however, then she has something to enjoy on another day or after the party has wrapped and she has finished all the cleaning.

Another common present to bring for your host is a box of chocolates. Again, this is a great way to say thank you in advance as often the chocolates will be left out for the guests to enjoy at the party. You don't have to do much in terms of wrapping. Adding a simple red bow and a small card to the parcel or placing the bottle of wine in a simple yet elegant wine bag will do the trick if you are choosing either of these popular thank you gifts.

Flowers are also a great idea for a thank you gift for your host. When you arrive at the party, present the flowers to your host, preferable in a vase so she can add them to the table and make them part of the set up. This will provide a lovely sense of occasion and showcase your kindness and thoughtfulness for all the guests.

There are several instances where bringing a long a thank you gift for your host is really not necessary. Hosting a children's birthday party, for example, is a pretty standard thing and you should not feel obliged to buy your host, as well as the birthday girl a present. Just buy one present - a birthday gift - and that's it. There really isn't any need to bring along a candle or a present for casual events either unless you really want to.

If the host is hosting an event in your honor, however, then it is a good idea to get her a gift. For example, if your best friend has thrown you a baby shower, then shower her with some love by offering a bottle of wine or a gift certificate to her favorite store after the party. This is also true if your friend is hosting a bridal party, a hen's night, a birthday party or any other party where you are the guest of honor and where she has done all the work for you.

Hosting a party of any sort can be hard work. Your host will most likely be in charge of cleaning the house, setting up the venue, making food, providing drinks and keeping everyone entertained and fed. This can be a stressful thing and it is nice to say thank you. Thank you gifts for your host do not have to be big or expensive. Even bringing them aside and saying thank you after the party is a great little gift that will go a long way.

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