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Rain barrels are used as a way to divert the water from your downspout into everyday use. Rain barrels catch the rain water that comes off your roof and stores them into a rainwater catchment system. Rain barrels, often called a rain bank, provide several benefits for both homeowners and renters. Take advantage of the rainy weather by investing in a rain barrel system for your home.

Using Rain Barrels in your Rental Home

Using rain barrels is an excellent way to reduce the volume of water you are using, even if you plan on requesting another apartment. This can help keep our beaches and creeks flowing and can help reduce the amount of water that flows into the sewage. During floods rain barrels can protect your home from foundation damage and during droughts the containers will store excess rain water from the wet months to be used later on.

Another big benefit to using rain barrels is that you can save on your water bill. Rather than using tap water for everything, you can use the water collected in the rain barrels for a number of things around the home. While you may not be happy to drink the rain water, you can use this water for watering the lawn, for growing a veggie garden, for washing your car and for cleaning household items. Rain water is free of the chemicals in tap water including chlorine, lime and calcium.

If your town is currently facing a water ban during the sweltering summer months, then you can still keep your lawn looking green and your car clean by using the stored rain water. The more you use your stored rain water, the less tap water you consume and thus the lower your water bills will be. You can reduce your water bill by around 40 percent by using rain barrels and capturing the rain water.

Another benefit to using rain water barrels is that if you are ever in an emergency and without water, you will be okay. One of the first things to run out when faced with any disaster is bottled water. Furthermore, if there is any instance of flooding then the sewage treatment plant is usually one of the first thing affected. Don't be without water; with rain barrels you are automatically prepared for any emergency without making a trip to the grocery store and battling with hundreds of other people for overpriced bottled water.

Rain Barrels Concerns

However, one of the biggest concerns when it comes to using rain barrels is the attraction of mosquitoes. Mosquitoes breed in still water and some of the most dangerous types of mosquitoes often live near still water. Your local council may offer a treatment option to keep mosquitoes away. Another way to keep mosquitoes to a minimum is to add a teeny bit of kerosene to each rain barrel. The kerosene will sit on the top of the water and prevent insects from making a home in the water.

Look for a rain barrel that comes with a lid and mosquitoes netting as well, especially if you live in an area where mosquitoes are common. If you do feel that your rain barrel has become a breeding ground for insects, then empty the container out completely. A rain barrel with a tightly sealed lid will also prevent pets and children from falling into the barrel.

Discover the benefits of rain barrels this wet season. Using rain barrels comes with a multitude of benefits to you, the homeowner and the environment. Invest in a few rain barrels for your home and take advantage of the excess of water as it falls.

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