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The University of Alabama Off Campus Housing

The University of Alabama off campus housing opportunities make life at college as enjoyable as it can be. If you have spent a few undergraduate years living in a dormitory on the campus of the University of Alabama, you are probably ready to enter the world of off campus housing. It has much more to offer in the way of space, privacy, freedom and fun.

Choosing an Apartment and Roommates

There are many places near the campus in Tuscaloosa, AL for you to call home. It might be hard to decide on which apartment to rent especially if you are going to share UA off campus housing with a roommate. Students of the University of Alabama who want to move into their first apartment want the nicest place they can rent. They want UA off campus housing that features luxuries like a swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, brand new kitchen appliances, granite counter tops; and they also want Alabama renters protection.

While it is important to find the University of Alabama off campus housing that is suitable for comfortable living, it is not always necessary to find the apartment with the highest rent and the most luxuries. There will be plenty of time after graduating the University of Alabama to move up to an even better apartment once you begin your career. For now, while there are many off campus housing choices in Tuscaloosa, AL that feature wonderful amenities it is best to focus only on the ones everyone can realistically afford.

Once everyone agrees on a place, make sure to inspect it inside and out both during the day and in the evening. This goes for both older off campus housing rentals near the University of Alabama as well as brand new complexes. If everything looks good and all the plumbing and electrical systems seem to work fine in the University of Alabama off campus housing unit, sign the lease. Make certain you read and understand everything in the lease. If you do not, make sure to ask the landlord for clarification or contact someone in the off campus housing office at the University of Alabama for guidance.

Once you sign a lease and put a security deposit down, you have made a commitment which you cannot easily get out of, so make sure you are happy with the UA off campus housing. Also make sure, if the arrangement involves roommates, that everyone knows how much of a commitment the lease creates for them. If you have decided to move to the University of Alabama off campus housing apartment with a roommate or two, you will also need to make certain everyone is ready to abide by a few house rules upon moving in.

While living at the off campus housing apartment will no doubt be as fun as you hope, it is very important that each roommate understands what to expect from each another. If you have prior experience living with roommates at the University of Alabama residence halls, you probably have an idea of the degree of compromise which comes with sharing living space. However, unlike the dormitory experience, you and your roommates will be sharing finances as well as living space.

It is vital that each roommate knows what their share of the rent is and when they are expected to pay. It is also important to have an agreement as to how utility payments on the UA off campus housing will be divided up. Each roommate should only pay their fair share. Yet, if there ever is a discrepancy with who used more electricity than everyone else, for example, you need to have a plan as to how to handle such an issue prior to moving in.

There is also the importance of setting some kind of schedule for household chores. Will you each clean up after yourselves? Or, will you have a schedule and rotate chores such as cleaning the kitchen and taking out garbage once a week? All in all, getting the house rules set beforehand can help keep peace in the off campus housing and allow it to be the fun experience it should be for everyone.

Protecting your Personal Property

When you lived in the residence halls, you made sure to lock your door whenever you left the room to go to class. It was not just to protect your own things, but also to protect those belonging to your roommate. When you move in to the University of Alabama off campus housing you will want to be just as careful about protecting your belongings. This is why it is wise to carry renter's insurance. It costs very little each month and insures all your valuable belongings against theft or damage by fire. Ask some area insurance agents for a quote right away.

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