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Planning on spoiling your little man for his big birthday this year? Then it's time to start thinking about birthday themes! While there is no rule that says you must theme for son's or daughters birthday party, it can be a lot easier to plan and a lot more fun to prepare when you do have a certain theme in mind. Furthermore, adding a theme to the mix can also help make your son a little more excited about the festivities ahead, especially if you select something he is passionate about.

So what themes should you consider? The first thing to think about is what your son likes. Below are some of the most common and classic themes for little boys that are sure to be a hit for your little man and his friends. Don't forget to ask him what he prefers. Read him out a list of different ideas and see which one he picks. This will ensure that he will be pleased with his party and his party planning Mom and Dad.

Popular Birthday Themes for Boys

Most little boys love things that go. This includes airplanes, trains, trucks, cars, boats, helicopters and motorbikes. You may want to theme your party around one or all of these things. Choose games that involve racing different machines around the back yard or set up a big train set. You can find decorations that have different movable objects on them or you can also choose certain characters that work with this theme such as Thomas for a train party or the cast of Cars, for a car themed party.

Little boys also tend to enjoy sports. Kicking and throwing of all sorts, fishing, bowling or knocking things down - all of these activities are quite popular for children over the age of 2. If your little one is already demonstrating a passion for a particular sport, then go with it. If, for example, your little boy loves fishing with Dad, then perhaps look for balloons shaped as fish or make your own fish decorations, choose games that involve fishing with magnets or fishing into a kiddy pool and look into a birthday cake shaped as a fish or a fishing rod.

Another common theme for little boys includes classic television characters. Thomas and Friends is always popular as are Cars, Toy Story, Chuggington, Nemo and Bob the Builder. If your little man has a big passion for one of these characters then look for goody bags, plates, napkins and other decorations that match this theme. You may be surprised at what you can find at specialty children and party shops such as Toys R Us.

Boys and girls of all ages also love animals. If your son has a passion for a certain animal (feeding the ducks at the park, visiting the tigers at the zoo, or watching the fish at the aquarium), then work with this. You may even choose to host the party in the park so they can feed the ducks as part of one of the activities. Or, you can set up your own jungle adventure in your backyard with different piñatas shaped like various safari animals.

Planning your little man's birthday party is quite simple - take his passion and turn it into a party. Start with one thing he really loves and work from there, whether this is soccer, lions, monkeys, the color green, the beach, bowling or anything else. This is the easiest way to choose between the common themes for boys birthday parties and make sure you are getting it right for your special little man.

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