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Planning a little girl's birthday party can be a great way to release your inner child. It is also a great way to relieve them from your kids daycare, and spoil your little one and make the day all about her. In most instances, when you are planning a little girl's birthday party you will be looking for pink, purple and other girl colors but this is not always the case. Many little girls prefer to stick to the more gender neutral themes or even the traditional little boy themes. Make sure you explore your options and stick to what your little princess likes.

Classic Birthday Party Themes

One of the most popular characters for little girls is Dora the Explorer. Dora is everywhere these days and you can find Dora plates, napkins, balloons, goody bags and almost anything else with her smiling face. This makes party planning very simple.

Other classic characters for little girls include Barbie as well as the Disney princesses such as Jasmine, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Some of the other characters that your little one may enjoy include Thomas the Tank Engine, Pooh and Friends, Sesame Street, Peppa Pig, Olivia or any of the classic television characters. Think about the shows and DVD's that your little one really enjoys if you are going to stick with a character themed party.

Of course, you don't have to go with famous faces when planning a little girl's birthday party. You may wish to stick to a theme such as Princesses where all your little girls' friends can dress up as their favorite princess. Adding dress up to a party is a fun and creative way to make all guests feel like part of the party.

Animal themed parties are always a good idea as well. You may wish to stick to a certain animal such as cats and puppies or you may wish to stick to a certain group of critters, such as On the Farm, Under the Sea or In the Jungle. Again, finding decorations, goody bags and creative party food for these themes are quite simple. Most kids, girls and boys alike, love animals and thus this theme works great for children of all ages.

You can even choose to host your very own teddy bear picnic by asking all the guests to bring a teddy bear or doll to the celebration. Teddy Bears are always a hit for boys and girls and little ladies love their tea time! Set up the party in the backyard complete with a large picnic blanket and plenty of tea for all the guests, human and stuffed.

Another easy theme is to stick to a certain color, such as pink. You can ask all the guests to wear something pink and choose pink frosting, pink balloons, pink crepe paper and pink decorations. If your little girl really loves this particular color, or any other color for that matter, then this is a great way to celebrate something she adores.

If your little princess prefers cars and trucks to Barbie and Dora then stick to what she likes. There is no point trying to throw her a pink princess party if she hates pink. Ask your little one to help you out by suggesting different themes and letting her pick which one she wants. Choose from any of the themes for girls birthday parties as above or think about her favorite television or movie character. There are endless possibilities when it comes to themes for children's birthday parties so keep your options open and start the preparations nice and early!

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