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Three bedroom homes are the perfect ‘starter’ rental for couples with young families or couples looking to start a family. You can find three bedroom homes in suburbs and in the heart of main cities across America. Most three bedroom rental homes are affordable and offer a large selection in terms of floor design and layout. When looking through the piles of three bedroom home rentals it can be easy to get carried away. To find your perfect rental property make a checklist of the things you want and try to find one that is as close as possible to this.

Selecting a Three Bedroom House

Everyone will want different things when it comes to their three bedroom home. Let’s start the search outside – are you looking for a home that comes with a large yard and garden or would you prefer a smaller, more manageable property? Are you looking for any features on your yard, such as a swimming pool, a garage or a shed to store tools, bikes and other items? What about the neighborhood? Are you looking for a home that is within walking distance to schools, parks and stores? Are you looking for a home that is on a main bus line or train line? Are you looking for a house that is on a safe street? All of these things will matter when looking for your three bedroom rental property.

Now let’s move inside. Three bedroom homes generally come with, you guessed it, three bedrooms. Most will also come with one or two bathrooms, one or two living spaces, a kitchen, dining room, laundry room and perhaps room for an office or den as well. Some three bedroom homes are all on one story while others may be on two stories or split up in a split level home. What are you looking for? Do you want the master bedroom to be located in a different section of the house than the other bedrooms for more privacy or would you prefer to keep the bedrooms all together? Do you want the kitchen to overlook the main living space and large ceiling fans or does this matter?

Three Bedroom Home Features

Consider your furniture and other belongings when looking at three bedroom homes for rent. You want to find a home that will not only accommodate you but also your belongings. If you have a large entertainment system and an L shaped couch, for example, you will want to find a home that includes a large living space.

Furthermore, consider the safety features in the home. If there are a lot of stairs and you have a toddler, then it might be more appropriate to find a home on one story. If you have a dog or any other pet, then make sure you find a home that is not only pet friendly but pet suitable. A room with white carpets and no backyard, for example, is probably not the best choice for you and your German Shepherd.

If you have children then the two additional bedrooms will most likely become their rooms or playrooms. If you do not have children then you can opt to make the other bedrooms guest rooms, a built in closet, a home gym, a yoga center, an office or anything else you like. This is one of the best things about renting a three bedroom home and why many people will opt to pay a little more for a three bedroom home rather than rent an apartment – there is plenty of space for you, your belongings and your growing needs, whatever they may be.

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