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There are a number of variants to a three story house. Essentially, what a three story house is a house with two sets of stairs and three different living spaces. The lower story may be the basement or the garage; the middle story may be the living room and dining area; and the upper story may be the bedrooms. When you are looking to rent a three story house you need to keep several things in mind.

Three Story House Concerns

First of all, a three story home usually attaches with a lot of stairs. What this means is that there is more risk of damage and safety concerns, especially if you have young children in the house. You will need to buy a safety gate for all areas with stairs which means most likely buying two or even three different gating systems.

Another thing about three story homes is that they can be harder to clean, unlike a smaller cottage rental. You should invest in a heavy duty vacuum that is good at winding down stairs. A lightweight one may be better to clean each and every step or you might want to buy three different vacuums and keep them on each level of the house. Some homes with several stories will come with an internal vacuum so you simply plug it into the wall. The good thing about this is that you don't need to lug the heavy vacuum from room to room but you will still need to carry around the cord and the main vacuum sucking part.

Three Story House Layouts

Having a three story home usually means more space for you and your family. There may be several separate living areas. For example, the lower floor may be a basement which can be converted into a second living space in many instances. You might want to set up an entertainment area for this kids here so they stay out of your hair. Or you might want to make this your own special man cave area for watching the games and having cold beer without the kids bugging you.

In most instances the bedrooms will be located on the top floor which is also a benefit. As the kids go to sleep you can keep the television on, clean up the kitchen or go about your evening activities without worrying about waking them up. Just invest in a baby monitor if you are worried about not hearing the little ones wake up. This is a great way to enjoy your evening far enough way that you don't have to whisper. You can even entertain guests downstairs or on the deck without worrying about the kids sleeping in the room next door.

The middle floor will normally be the entertaining area and may include an office, a dining area, a kitchen and a living space. There may also be a deck to entertain among other rooms. It all depends on the layout of the house. Keep in mind that this is not always the case and in some instances the main living area will be located on the top floor to bring in the best views. It really just depends.

When looking into three story houses to rent you need to think about the layout, your furniture, your family and your safety concerns. For some families a three story house is just perfect while for others it is too large and spacious. For some families the stairs are a hassle while for others they are a welcome space definer. Keep these things in mind when on the hunt for your next rental property.

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