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Screaming children, popping balloons, cake fights, messy clothes and gifts galore - the joys of children’s parties. If you are a parent then you know how important a birthday party can be to your special little one. Having one whole day dedicated to her can make any child excited. Unfortunately, the thought of having ten little kids running around your house, dripping melted chocolate on your carpet and putting their dirty hands all over your belongings is most likely not something you want to deal with. So how can you throw your child the perfect party without losing your mind in the process?

Children Party Planning

First of all, set a time and a date that suits you (the host) the best. Saturdays and Sundays are the most common for children’s parties but you may choose a day that is less hectic if you work weekends. Limit the time to two hours. Any more than this and you will end up with group of whiney children that most likely need a nap or a run around the block to wear off some of that sugar. Put away most of your child's toys in their toy organizer.On the invitations lets the parents know whether or not they are required to stay. Some parents prefer to drop off their children and do some errands during parties which may not work for you. It’s your party – you set the rules.

When it comes to the food, keep it simple. Children don’t care if you have spent hours making the pie filling from scratch or if you have made your own pasta. They are probably happiest with simple cupcakes, sausage rolls, little pizzas, sandwiches and other finger foods and treats. If you love baking then set some time to make the cake; if not, head down to your local grocery store or specialty cake shop and order it. Do whatever is easiest and most convenient for you.

Children’s Party Games

Next, it’s time to plan the games and activities. If your party is during the warmer summer months, then consider hosting it outdoors. Set up a slippery slide or your garden sprinkler for the kids to run through. Set up a table outside of the various treats as well as an area to dry off stacked with plenty of towels and perhaps a few pairs of extra clothes just in case.

Additional outdoor games that are sure to be a hit include relay games and hide and seek. Any games that include balloons are also a big hit. Some of the successful indoor game parties for kids include the chocolate bar game and pin the tail on the donkey. When you are researching games to play, make sure to consider the age of the guests as well as games that do not bring out too much competition as some children can get quite upset if they lose. If you are giving out prizes, make sure you have enough for everyone, regardless of what team they are on.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to throwing a children’s party is that your own child is completely happy. Ask his opinion about what he wants – does he want a Superman cake or a Spiderman cake? Does he want to use Jungle Animal party invitations or Teddy Bear invitations? Does he want to give away candy in the Goody Bags or perhaps balloons and bubble blowers instead? A couple friends, a couple of treats and a couple of games is all it takes to make your little one feel special on his or her big day. And isn’t this what having a party is all about anyway?

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