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If you are on your way to graduate then you may wish to celebrate this big moment in life by having a graduation party. Whether you are throwing a party for all your friends or are hosting a party for your son or daughter that will graduate at the end of the school year, make sure your party goes on without a hitch by preparing accordingly.

The first thing you need to decide on is a venue. There are many different people that will want to celebrate this moment and thus if you are not having the party at your house, then you may wish to book a restaurant or other venue to host the party. If you are living in a small apartment or complex, it is best to host the party elsewhere to avoid someone consulting the landlord; if you are renting a house with a large outdoor and indoor living space, then you may be able to accommodate everyone at home.

Of course, having a party at home is going to be cheaper but it also comes with a number of complications. It is often easier to just let someone else be in charge of the cooking, catering and decorating by using a hired venue. It all depends on what you are looking for out of your graduation party.

Graduation Party Hazards

One of the biggest dangers when it comes to graduation parties is alcohol and drugs. Teenagers that have just graduated are only 18, not 21. However, most of them do not care about this minor setback and will still want to drink. If you are hosting the party keep in mind that you are responsible for what happens. If someone gets drunk and drives home, if someone drinks too much and gets too sick or if someone takes a drug and has an accident, this is something that can be directly linked to you.

Throwing a graduation party is often a family event. You may wish to host one party for all your family and another one for the friends. If you are throwing a family graduation party then you may wish to make it a sit down dinner. Going out for a nice dinner as a family and toasting the latest graduate is a great way to celebrate and can also be quite stress-free.

For parties with friends you may wish to stick to your own home and, rather than serve a sit down meal, allow everyone to mingle and mix. Serve up some fruity festive punches and bite sized nibbles and let everyone relax and enjoy their new found freedom, before jobs and college start. Just make sure you are monitoring alcohol and drug intake and that you are not letting anyone make stupid mistakes.

Furthermore, when hosting any type of party, from a graduation party to a birthday party, you need to remember that you are renting and anything that gets damaged is your responsibility. Be considerate of the structure and items in the house. Place valuables locked away in a cupboard and shut the doors that cannot be used, such as the bedrooms. Be respectful of the neighbors by keeping the music down at night and preventing people from yelling or screaming after 10:00pm.

Whether you are a parent, a recent graduate or anyone else, when throwing a graduate party, you are responsible for what happens. This means you need to keep control of the party, of the noise, of the music, of the guests and of your rental property.This is a valuable lesson that everyone needs to learn and what better time than before you enter the real world?

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