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Nothing quite says "I love you honey" like a surprise birthday party! If you are planning a surprise party for your spouse, then you will need to not only be the master planner but also the master secret agent. It can be hard to contact people, to prepare food, to plant fall flowers and to organize a theme for your spouse's birthday party without him knowing; however, it can be done!

Surprise Party Planning

You will need to do most of your planning and preparation when you and your spouse are not together which can be tricky if you are both working and unable to organize during the working day. You may wish to set up RSVP's to your personal cell phone or email account so that no one contacts your home phone to RSVP with your spouse by accident. Or, take advantage of a time when your spouse is out, either at a friend's, at the gym or on a walk and make several phone calls then. Let all your guests know that it is a surprise so they do not accidentally spill the beans.

You will also need to have some sort of accomplice in your plan to distract your spouse while you set up the party. If you are having the party at home then you may wish to ask one of his friends to take him out for a drink beforehand or to help him out with something while your guests arrive and you set up for the party. Or, if you are hosting it at a club or restaurant, then you need to keep him occupied at home and tell him to meet you later for a quiet romantic dinner.

Surprise parties do involve a little bit of deceit but it is worth it in the end, in most instances. However, keep in mind that not everyone enjoys a big surprise party in their honor. If your spouse is an introvert and prefers quiet functions then a big surprise party may not be something he will enjoy. Think about his personality before you plan a big bash that may leave him being embarrassed instead of grateful.

Once you have the guests and the venue organized it's on to the food, drink and decoration planning. If you are hosting it at a restaurant then this can be a lot easier for you. They will be able to handle all the preparations and you may only need to finalize the menus, choose appetizers and wines for the table and bring your own cake if they do not supply this. If you are throwing the party at home then you may wish to make a few dishes beforehand and use a neighbors or friends freezer and fridge to store the goods. This is also true with the cake and drinks. Your spouse may be a little weary and worried for your sake if he arrives home to several cartons of beer and wine for no apparent reason.

Birthday Surprise Parties

Throwing a surprise party for a spouse can be a lot of fun for everyone. However, don't let the stress of it get to you. It can be hard to organize any type of party, especially without the help of your spouse. Ask friends to assist you with the planning, to bring a dish each and to keep your spouse entertained for a few hours before the big party so that you can prepare in peace and ensure a successful surprise for the one you love.

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