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Is one of your best friends getting married? Then there is no way to prove to her how happy you are than by throwing the newly engaged couple an engagement party. However, this is easier said than done. Unlike throwing a bachelor party, throwing an engagement party means that you need to include all of his friends and family as well as all of her friends and family. So how can you throw a tasteful yet fun celebration to cheers the new couple on the journey ahead?

When you are throwing an engagement party you have a number of venue options. If you have having a lot of people at the party, such as friends and family members, then it might be best to have it at a restaurant or a hall where there is more room to mingle. If you are only having a few friends over then you might be happy to host it in the house in your backyard or something. Of course, when renting you need to ask permission to host a big party by your landlord.

Of course, costs are going to make a big difference when selecting your venue as well. You will most likely want to feed the guests something, such as a sit down dinner or nibbles. This can get expensive and you might find that you are spending up to $50 per person per plate. Of course, when planning an engagement party bring up the costs with the couple. Often they will be happy to pay the bills or get their parents to pitch in.

Engagement Party Rituals

Most engagement parties will have a casual fancy dress code as well as a fairly formal setting. For example, you might choose to have five or six tables of 10 people in a room with a stage so people can stand up and make a speech. However, this is not necessary and many newly engaged couples are actually terrified of the thought of having to stand up and speak. After all, doing it at the wedding is enough.

Talk to the couple about what they want. You may find that they are much happier having a backyard barbeque with their friends and family members rather than a fancy sit down dinner. Or the bride to be might want to stick to the traditional and glamorous ideal of the engagement party and look to be the princess for the night.

Whether you are a friend of the bride to be, a parent of the groom to be or anyone else, when planning an engagement party you have to put the couple first. It can get pretty easy to be overwhelmed and go a little crazy. Keep in mind that the engagement party is just the small pre wedding party and there will be a much bigger celebration coming up in the near future.

Keep it tasteful by setting a set limit on the guests as well as the free drinks. There will be plenty of time for inappropriate behavior at the wedding. This is the time to celebrate a happy moment for the bride and groom with friends and family.

Another problem with planning someone else engagement party is that it can bring up feelings of anger or jealousy. Seeing your best friend getting married and planning the a party of both of your dreams can make anyone feel a little low. If it is all too much then don't be afraid to talk to the bride to be about it. Throwing an engagement party is all about the new couple but it shouldn't make you miserable in the process.

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