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A great way to make some new friends and have some fun in the process is to throw a party with your roommate. If you and your roommate are from different background then you will probably have several different groups of friends. Bring them all together for an evening of good food, good conversation and great fun by throwing a party with your roommate.

Playing Party Host with your Roommate

Nothing brings people together quite like a party. If you and your roommate are thinking about playing host to a party then you will need to sit down and do some brainstorming. What type of party do you want to have – will you host a dinner party, a summer cookout, a birthday or themed celebration? Will you ask people to dress up, to bring a dish or a bottle of wine? Will you have a sit down meal or just serve mini snacks? All of these things need to be determined when hosting a party with your roommate.

Try to plan your party for a weekend which is better for most people work wise. Make sure you let your neighbors know about the party ahead of time and get permission from your landlord if you are throwing a party with more than 10 to 15 people. A small dinner party will not be a problem but a 21st Toga-Themed Bash requires permission, as well unplugging unused electronics. Keep the music and other noise to a minimum for the sake of your neighbors, especially after 10:00 pm.

Hosting a Party Safely

Any party can get out a hand quickly. If someone is seriously injured or if some of the guests are not getting along, then there could be disaster. Take the appropriate measures to ensure your rental unit is safe and party-ready. Give the yard a mow and clean up any branches, trees, dog poop and children’s toys that could be a tripping hazard. Shut any gates and lock up your dog before your guests arrive.

Make sure there are no slippery spots in the house or on the deck and if your balcony is not very safe, keep it off limits. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry when hosting a party, especially if you are renting without adequate renters insurance to pay for any liability costs in the event of a serious injury or disaster.

Put away any objects that you don’t want to get ruined such as photo frames, flower vases and ornamental keepsakes. Lock up your valuables and keep everything you don’t want touched locked in your room. Even if your throw a party outside people will be walking in and out to use the toilet so be sure to keep your house as clear as possible for easy access.

If some of your guests are not getting along and get into an argument you need to handle the situation right away. Section off the guests and tell them to leave the premises immediately. You are all adults and it is important that you don’t let a minor argument escalate into a fight, especially on your rental property. As the host you and your roommate are responsible for what happens during the party. You may need to play the bad guy by forcing your guests to leave but this is sometimes necessary when things get out of hand.

Hosting roommate parties is a great way to bring your social circles together and get to know a little more about your roommate. However, you need to work together as a team on the planning and preparation to ensure your party is a success.

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