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If you have stepped up to the roll of host for a friend or relative's shower, you are probably deciding how to best ready your home for the occasion. Naturally, the type of shower you're hosting will make a difference where this is concerned, and the types of showers now commonly thrown are as diverse as they are conducive to fun party games and delectable finger foods. In addition to traditional showers, such as those for expectant parents and brides-to-be, one now sees showers hosted in honor of new home ownership, a child's acceptance into college, and a variety of other major life events.

You will have both practical and more fun-related decisions to make, each of which will build toward the success of the shower. Often, when one person in a family or group of friends has volunteered to host, others will volunteer to help out with planning, lifting some of the responsibility from your shoulders. If you have had cotenants and landlords offer up their time, efforts, and resources, you may want to develop a strategy and delegate tasks to those available. While planning the outlay and finer details a shower can prove tons of fun, it can also involve a considerable time commitment. When it is your home that will be used for the party, you will probably find yourself quite involved in readying it for the party. Even if you are a planner by nature, you may find the assistance of others in this realm valuable and welcome.

Preparing for Guests

There are several practical considerations that should be attended to before a shower gets underway. By drafting a list ahead of time, and checking it twice, you will guarantee that shower day doesn't arrive to find you scrambling around in frenzy to complete necessary tasks. One of the first steps on your list should be to account for all of the invited guests who have indicated they will be able to attend. Getting as accurate a head count as possible will help you with nearly every remaining task you (or a willing helper) will need to complete. One such task involves parking.

If your own parking area is fairly limited in scale, you will need to devise a strategy that allows shower guests to park without a great deal of difficulty, preferably in such a manner that guests do not block one another in. A frequent problem at any home get-together is seen when a guest who arrived early in the course of festivities has to call several other attendees out into the general parking area to move their cars so that she can make her exit. In order to avoid such a situation, you might consider having guests park along the edge of your yard, across the street from you if there is an empty field, or (with their permission, naturally) at the edge of your neighbors' property.

Throwing a shower at your home can be rendered much easier when you communicate with your immediate neighbors. They might otherwise be in for a surprise when they arrive home to find a stream of vehicles spilling out of your driveway and decorations covering your door. As showers, birthday parties, and other celebrations are regular neighborhood-style events, you will usually find that your neighbors are willing to help out where they can, probably anticipating an upcoming time when they will host festivities and will call upon you for some means of assistance. In exchange for their cooperation with parking or help with decoration, you might offer your neighbors some yummy treats prepared specially for the shower.

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