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Who says mixing business with pleasure is a bad idea? If you are planning on throwing a work party at your house, and you've already created do-it-yourself invites, then clearly not you. Make sure you are taking all the precautions possible when hosting a work party at your own place. Planning and preparing for this type of event means less chance of disaster and more chance of a raise on Monday.

Alcohol and Work Parties

What can you expect from your work party? This depends on the people that you work with and what type of party it is. Essentially, if there is alcohol involved and no one has to work in the morning, then it can get a little crazy. One of the first things you need to consider when you are throwing a work party is that, if you are adding alcoholic beverages to the menu, that everyone plans a safe ride home.

One option is to put everyone's keys in a bowl at the start of the night. That way no one looses their keys or tries to sneak out and drive home after having too much. You may also wish to contact the cab company and pre order a few cabs for certain times during the night which can save your guests the hassle of waiting around. Furthermore, if you are indulging in a few glasses of wine, make sure you don't overdo it. Nothing says 'party pooper' like spending your party in the toilet rather than performing your hosting duties.

Guest Lists and Games

If you are having a work party then you also need to make sure you invite everyone in the office as you can expect people to be talking about it on Monday. Even if there are some people that you cannot stand, do the bigger person and send that mass email invite to everyone in the office, not just a select few. Many people probably won't be able to make it to the party anyway but if they can, then greet them. It isn't very often that people from work can socialize outside of their work environment and it is always fun to get to know your colleagues outside of the professional world.

If you are concerned that the party talk will inevitably make its way back to the office then you may want to plan a few little games just in case. You don't have to go all out but have a look online for some good ideas for large group games that are easy to set up and easy to learn on the spot. Or, if you are really daring, you could always look into setting up specific areas in your house designed for games such as Twister. If you have a large outdoor area and the party is during the day or afternoon, then bocce ball or outdoor lawn bowling is always an excellent game for larger groups.

Another fun option is to hire out a karaoke machine for the evening. Nothing brings the office closer together than late night, alcohol infused tacky singing! Just be sure to warn your neighbors about the party, especially if you live in a complex of any sort.

These are only a few of your options when looking into throwing a work party at your house that will be considered a hit. Think about the type of people you work with- are they outgoing sales representatives or shy office staff? Try to choose food, drinks and games that everyone will enjoy or at least participate in.

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