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Your mud room is probably one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. And it can also be the one that you leave unclean for the longest period of time. After all, your mud room is not a main entertainment area and you are most likely only going into this area to come in and leave the house. Every time you go into your mud room you probably think "I should really do something about this mess" but then you head out the door and forget all about it.

Mud Room Organization

Cleaning a mud room starts with organizing it. If every coat, every shoe, every bag and every other item has a place in the mud room, then it can be much easier to keep it looking clean, even if it is quite dirty. So your first goal when it comes to tidying a mud room is to find a place to store everything.

Invest in a coat rack or a few heavy duty nails for your mud room. If you are tacking nails to the wall, however, you need to get permission from your landlord first. Furthermore, make sure you are actually hitting a stud and not going through the dry wall as a heavy, wet coat can easily take the nail right off and cause a major repair in the dry wall.

Hang all the various coats that are currently sorted in a corner in your mud room on your coat rack or on the nails. If you have several different jackets for all seasons, then take some of the ones that are currently out of season and place them in a large storage bin. You can store the bin under your bed, in a closet or anywhere else there is room. Take them out and rotate them with your other coats when the seasons change.

It is also a good idea to have some sort of shoe rack in place. Try to find one with several different rungs so that every member of the family has its own place to put their shoes. This can make it easier and fun for the kids to tidy up their shoes when they come inside. For extra muddy boots and rain gear, find a special area in the mud room to hang this up. Or, alternatively, set up a hanging rack in your garage and get the kids to take their wet gear off in the garage before coming inside.

Keeping your Mud Room Clean

You can also invest in a bag rack or more nails to place different back packs and hand bags that are also often left in the mud room collecting dust and mud. Give each of your children a special place to store their bag so that when they come in from school they automatically place the bag there instead of dropping it on the floor as they head into the kitchen.

Once you have a storage place for everything in your mud room it is important that you also keep the area clean. Tidying a mud room is all about regular organization and regular cleaning. This means regularly vacuuming and mopping of the floors which can get a lot dirtier with the high volume of traffic coming and going. It might be a good idea to place a cheap mop in the mud room so you can easily wipe the dirt away as soon as the kids come inside. That way the dirt is not piling up, making it harder to clean once it is dry and caked onto the floor.

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