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Tippecanoe renters insurance reduces the uncertainty of a disaster or break-in. If your rental home is damaged by an ice storm or you come home to find you were robbed, you could be dealing with a major hassle and exorbitant costs to restore your belongings. Tippecanoe ties up those loose ends by compensating you for loss or damage. After a stressful event, being insured with Milwaukee rental coverage helps life get back to normal.

Renters sometimes think that rent and utilities are their only expenses. They do not have a mortgage, maintenance or property taxes to pay like homeowners do, which is what makes renting so attractive. But just like homeowners, people who rent their homes must have insurance to protect their assets. Coverage limits and rates are based on the value of what you own, so whether you live in the sparsest apartment or the most luxurious house, you can get the proper coverage at a price you can afford.

Tippecanoe is a neighborhood on the far south side of Milwaukee in southeastern Wisconsin. This middle class residential neighborhood is dominated by single-family dwellings, but many people live in rented houses and apartments. Milwaukee is the second coldest major city in the United States, though its seasonal climate changes rapidly thanks to the lake breeze. Weather concerns are some of the greatest reasons to purchase Tippecanoe renters insurance. Heavy snow and ice can collapse roofs and down tree limbs, and severe windstorms--even occasional tornadoes--can cause severe damage to southern WI homes.

Determining Your Coverage Limits

There are four forms of coverage afforded by any Tippecanoe renters insurance policy. If your home is damaged by a natural disaster, accident or break-in, your insurance will compensate you for the loss of your personal belongings. Unlike WI homeowners policies, Wisconsin renters insurance protection does not include coverage for structural damage because that is the Tippecanoe property owner' responsibility. Your policy also covers the cost of alternative living arrangements above and beyond your normal costs of living if your rental home is rendered unlivable by a covered peril. Finally, Tippecanoe renters insurance covers medical payments and liability expenses if someone is injured at your home.

Medical payments and liability limits come standard at $1,000 and $100,000, respectively. You have the option to raise these as you see necessary. Coverage D, your loss of use coverage, is usually 20 percent of your personal property limit. How, then, do you come up with a personal property limit?

Your personal property protection should cover the real value of your goods. If you lost everything in a fire, you would want to receive the maximum amount to replace all of your belongings. Tippecanoe renters insurance agents determine the value of your goods with an inventory that you create.

To make an inventory, list all of your belongings with a description, original value and date of purchase. Include serial numbers for electronics and firearms, and attach any receipts, certificates or other documentation you have. Take pictures of the items or make a walk-through video of your Tippecanoe rental home. Give one copy of the inventory to your WI renters insurance agent, and keep one for your records. It is also vital that you keep the inventory updated, adding significant purchased immediately and doing an annual review and revision.

Making a Claim

File a claim with your Tippecanoe renters insurance agency first thing after discovering a disaster or theft, and the sooner, the better. In case of a break-in or other crime, you must first report it to the police. Obtain a copy of the police report to send to the insurance company so they can proceed with their filing and keep up with efforts to recover your stolen goods.

If you find that there has been a fire, burst pipes, roof collapse or other accident, call the renters insurance company first, even before calling your landlord. The Tippecanoe renters insurance claims adjustor will tell you how to proceed. Take plenty of photos or video documenting the damage, since the landlord will want to get started on repairs as soon as possible. As soon as you receive it, complete the claims form and mail or fax it back to the Tippecanoe renters agency.

If you need alternative living arrangements during repairs, ensure that your expenses will be covered first by inquiring with the claims adjustor. In the meantime, the Tippecanoe renters insurance company will be reviewing your inventory, claim and photographic evidence to determine your award. Payment generally does not take too long once the claim is fully reviewed, but stay actively in touch with your Milwaukee agent throughout the process. Tippecanoe renters insurance can be a valuable resource if you ever find yourself in the midst of a disaster, so contact local Wisconsin agents today to get started building your Tippecanoe renters policy.