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Living in an apartment can be a very enjoyable experience, but it pays to be prepared for anything when you are an apartment dweller. Stocking up on the necessary tools for apartment living before you need them will help you jump right in when you do. Here is a list of some of those tools, the things you shouldn't try to live without as an apartment dweller.

  • Smoke/gas/carbon monoxide detector. In all likelihood, your landlord has already installed a smoke detector. But a gas and carbon monoxide detector is equally important for your safety. If you can manage to pull it off, get your landlord to take care of this expense before you sign the lease, or at least prior to moving in to your new apartment or condo.
  • Fire extinguisher. For obvious reasons, this one's a good item to have around. Some rental dwelling already come furnished with fire extinguishers. If yours does not, you can get one reasonably cheap. Be sure you know how to operate one ahead of time you that you're ready if the time ever comes.
  • First aid kit. Make sure the one you buy has all the necessities, like gauze and plenty of bandages including butterfly bandages in case you have to temporarily close a wound. Keep this is an easy to access location, preferably somewhere visible.
  • Toilet plunger. This one's especially important if there's only in bathroom in your rental house. Make sure you have ready access so you can keep your toilet working properly. A good plunger can save you a lot of hassle over time.
  • Extra light bulbs. Keeping plenty of these around is smart no matter where you live. Some ceiling fixtures only take a single bulb, so if it burns out you have no source of light for that room. Grab a big pack of bulbs and store them in a drawer or closet until you need them.
  • Candles and matches or a lighter. If the power goes out in your townhouse, you need some way to be able to light up the place at least to see what you're doing eating dinner or brushing your teeth. Candles don't do any good unless you can light them, so also get some matches or a lighter to keep handy (and keep them in the same place so you don't have to go hunting around in the dark).
  • A good flashlight and extra batteries. Some flashlight batteries seem to atrophy over time from disuse, so make sure you've got the right size batteries to plug into your flashlight as needed.
  • Batteries of all appropriate sizes. Batteries themselves are handy to stock up on. Make note of whatever sizes you need for things like your alarm clock or your children's toys. Have a ready supply of spares handy. Batteries for functional items like clocks are especially important to keep the condominium rolling if you lose power.
  • Super glue and duct tape. These are two essential items for everyone, and not just for renters. Super glue can fix just about anything that duct tape can't.
  • Step ladder. You have to be able to reach light fixtures to change bulbs, and above windows to adjust curtain rods. Keep a small step ladder handy and ready to go when you need it. A step ladder is much safer than just using a chair, because most of the time you really need to be a few steps off the ground and not just one step to safely manage the task at hand.
  • Finally, some basic hand tools no renter should be without. Screwdrivers, a utility knife, a tape measure, a level and a hammer can help you complete some basic home repairs and maintenance items without having to involve the maintenance man or the homeowner. If you want to hang picture frames, tighten up screws in a cabinet door, or any other everyday task like this, you'll need a good set of basic tools. You can get a starter set from most hardware stores complete with a bag or toolbox for a pretty reasonable cost.

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