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If you are an avid golfer then one of the first things you will be on the lookout for when moving into a new rental property and a new area is the range of golf courses. Golfing is one of the most popular sports today and provides an excellent way to enjoy the great outdoors in a relaxing and competitive environment. Even if you have never swung a club, there are plenty of other benefits to joining a gold course including excellent wining, dining and socializing outside of your split level housing.

Joining a Golf and Country Club

There are several factors to consider when looking into top golf courses in your area. Price is important as is the layout of the course. Most towns will have at least one golf course within driving distance but many towns come equipped with three or more courses to choose from. This means you have a wide variety of courses to play. While you can play any of the courses without joining, most avid golfers will gain a membership to at least one course. This allows them to play at a discounted rate and to enjoy the additonal benefits of becoming a member of the country club. Membership fees will vary depending on each golf course. It is a good idea to play each course at least once to get a feel for the club before you join.

Consider more than just the golf course but also the atmosphere of the club. Is there a restaurant where you can enjoy a cold drink after? Are there any community benefits to becoming a member of that club such as hotel discounts? Does like club offer a laid back environment or is the country club for a certain lifestyle and income? More importantly, what are you looking for?

Think about how often you play and what facilities you are looking for. Do you play golf with a few buddies on the weekend or do you want a country club where you can bring the kids to as well? Are you looking for a $30 course or a $100 course? All of these questions will impact your decision when joining a golf club in your area.

Stay, Play and Golf!

Most golf courses will have more than just an 18-hole playing area. There is usually a driving range to practice your swing, a putting green to practice your putting and a restaurant/bar to indulge your senses. Furthermore, there is usually also a pro shop to purchase golfing items and get advice as well as a rental shop if you do not have your own clubs or to hire a golf buggy for the day. Many other courses will include additional facilities such as a gym, tennis court, squash court, curling rink, pool tables, swimming pool and community center. Many will be connected to a hotel and offer excellent play and stay discounts.

One of the best things about golfing is that anyone, regardless of your level, can play. When looking into top golf courses in your area, check to see how hard the course is. Golf courses are all different which is one of the reasons golfing has become so popular – every time you play you will experience a different game completely. Some golf courses are fairly standard while others include tricky obstacles to overcome such as sand pits and water holes. Some are easy and come with Par 3 holes while others will have Par 5 holes. Consider what level you are at when choosing the right golf and country club to join or to play.

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