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If you have children then you know how easily stuff can pile up. From the moment a child is born he or she is flowered with gifts, toys and gadgets. With Christmases, birthdays and other big events, it may seem like the toys never end. From baby swings and stuffed animals to walkers and blocks, from playhouses and train tracks to tricycles and balls – what are you supposed to do with all this stuff?

Toy Boxes and Shelves

There are several gadgets designed especially for toy organization, and thank goodness for that! Toy boxes and treasure chests come in all different shapes and sizes. There are many that are wooden which, while may look nice in your living room, can be a little dangerous for teeny fingers trying to grab their teddy. It might be a better idea to choose a toy box that is made out of plastic or comes with an easy-to-remove lid for your child to reach in and grab things.

There are additional toy boxes and shelving systems that include little compartments for different toys. Colored boxes and storage containers also work well for toy organization as it can make your child’s play area more exciting and vibrant than even the complex gym. You might want to give each type of ‘toy’ a home in a different storage bin. For example, have a blue bin for blocks, a red bin for teddies and a green bin for books. The pink bin can be for dolls and the orange bin for crayons and crafts. That way cleaning up is an educational lesson as well. When looking into toy organization, be sure to check your local toy stores as well as storage centers and home ware shops. Wicker baskets, rubber bins and even garbage bins can all double as excellent toy boxes.

Of course, children will eventually outgrow their toys. Larger items, such as baby swings and walkers will most likely need to find a new home in a closet sooner rather than later. When it comes time to pack up some of your child’s toys, then let them help you. Older children will be able to tell you which toys can go to ‘sleep’ in the closet and which toys get to stay ‘awake.’ Get a few large storage containers that can easily stack on your shelves. Waterproof ones are best. You may want to label each storage box by the age appropriateness of the toys. If you have more children down the road or if you are donating the toys to a daycare or selling them in a garage sell or on eBay, this can be a great way to organize them.

The Importance of Toy Organization

Clutter can easily cause any Mom or Dad more stress than they need. Tripping over toys every time you come into the door or finding action figures in the dishwasher is only cute for about three minutes. You may feel like taking all the toys and chucking them in the garage so you never have to see them again.

Toy organization is not only important for your own sanity but also for the development of your little one. Set up an area in the house that is the play area and try to keep all the toys together in this one place. That way your child knows that he has a special area in the home for his ‘friends’. Having a place for his toys to ‘live’ will help him with tidying up his area and also builds on his cognitive skills. Children as young as 12 months enjoy taking things in and out of boxes which will later develop into excellent cleaning up skills.

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