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Scuff marks are black marks that show up your walls. They occur when something rubs up against the wall, such as furniture. Whether you have moved into a rental home that comes complete with a few marks on the walls or have just noticed a few that your children have added to the décor, you want to remove these annoying black marks as soon as possible. Plain old water will probably not work to get rid of these annoying black marks, no matter how hard you scrub or how yell you swear.

You can try products like scuff erasers, but in some instances it will also remove the paint from the walls. Furthermore, this can be an expensive way to keep your walls looking clean. Fortunately there are several around the house items that you can use to remove scruff marks on walls without testing your patience or breaking the bank, so you can get back to playing apartment complex tennis.

Magic Scruff Mark Removers

Toothpaste is one of the easiest and most effective ways to clean scuff marks off your walls, especially if your walls are white. Try scrubbing the scuff marks with non-gel toothpaste. Make sure you rinse, wipe and let it dry after cleaning the walls. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub the scuff marks or any light towel will do.

Another excellent product to consider is rubbing alcohol. The key to removing scuff marks when using rubbing alcohol is dab rather than rub too vigorously. If you rub too aggressively then the alcohol could take some of the paint off as well. Baking soda is another excellent natural household item to remove black marks. Add water to make a paste with the baking soda and use the mixture to scrub away the scruff.

If you are fresh out of baking soda then check the cupboards for lighter fluid. Dip a dry towel into lighter fluid, also known as naptha, are watch the miracle solution go to work. Additional household items to consider include auto scratch removers, adhesive removers and acetone, all of which are known to do the trick as well.

Scuff-Free Tips

The easiest way to clean scuff marks off any wall or surface is to avoid scuffing the walls in the first place. Of course, this is easier said than done. One of the best ways to avoid scuff marks is to be sure to place furniture well away from the walls. When you are moving in or out of a new rental place, take extra care when moving furniture. Make a blueprint on paper of where each item will go before you start tackling the real thing. This will limit the amount of heavy lifting required and decrease the chance of scuffing in the process.

In addition to scuff marks, there are several other marks that can leave your walls looking dirty, especially if you have children or pets. Crayon, mud, paint, food and juice may look pretty to a five year old but you probably won’t see the artistic side when this concoction ends up on your living room wall. Fortunately, many of the household items above can also be used on these common stains.

Cleaning scuff marks on walls is not something we want to spend our free time doing but it is an important chore than needs to be done. Not only will it keep your home looking cleaner and more attractive but it will also help ensure that you get your deposit back when it comes time to move out and move on.

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