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Trimming the hedges is a part of general yard maintenance and landscape that can be hard work but most certainly rewarding. Trimming your hedges is something you should do whether you own or rent the property. After all, as the person living there you are the one that needs to look at the overgrown and shocking state of an improper trimmed hedge. Do yourself, your landlord and your neighbors a favor and keep your hedges looking trim and neat all year round or you could face renting a moving truck after being evicted.

Trimming the Hedges Safety

Trimming your hedges requires some time and a pair of good shearers. If you are planning on trimming your hedges into a work of art, then you might also require a hedge cutting machine. However, for most of us, a simple pair of shearers and a good pair of garden gloves will do just fine. If your hedges are quite high up then you may need a ladder or a step ladder as well as a buddy to watch that you do not fall.

When it comes to trimming your hedges make sure you are wearing the right gear for it. You will most likely be doing the task in the heat so wear a hat and sunscreen. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and try to pick the early morning or late afternoon to start so that you do not get the direct sunlight. If you are using a hedge cutting machine then you should also invest in a pair of safety glasses for the debris.

If you have young children running around make sure you don't leave the shearers in a place where they can easily grab them or step on them. If you are using a ladder or step ladder, keep the shearers on one of the rungs so that you can easily grab them and your children cannot.

The Fine Art of Hedge Trimming

Trimming the hedges involves giving your hedges a haircut. You want to trim all the sides evenly and take off enough so that the hedges look neat and tidy. If your hedges are fully overgrown then start on the side and work your way through the entire bush. It can be an overbearing task but you need to start somewhere.

While you are trimming the hedges you can also take the time to cut off any dead branches, leaves and other debris in the hedge. Some branches grow a different way than the others and you may choose to lighten up the hedge by getting rid of some of these thicker branches. In the same way a hairdresser uses different techniques for different hair styles, you need to think about your individual hedge's depth when giving them a chop.

Once you have trimmed the hedges down to a respectable side, then you will need to clean up the mess. If you have a wheelbarrow you can load the bush into the wheelbarrow and easily push the branches and leaves to the garbage bin or compost pile. If not, pile the bushes and branches into several garbage bins and dispose of them this way.

Hedges provide numerous functions. They offer some shade and privacy to your home and act as a much more pleasant 'fence.' They set boundaries and can protect your kids from running onto the road. They can complement your yard and make your lawn look greener and larger. However, an overgrown hedge can also look messy and make a mess of your yard. Take the time to trim your hedges at least twice a year to avoid any serious overgrowth.

In addition to comparing the various types of mowers you also need to think about the density and size of your lawn as well as your budget. A push mower, for example, will cost around $200 while a self propelled mower is more along the lines of $600. A ride along mower can cost anywhere from $1000 to $9000.

When renting a larger house then your landlord may actually supply a mower as part of the lease agreement. You will most likely be responsible for mowing the lawn regularly. If your landlord doesn't supply a mower then you will still need to keep your yard mowed; this is usually standard when renting a house with land or a yard.

A lawn mower is a big investment and should last you several years. If you only plan on renting a house for a short period of time and want to buy an apartment or townhouse with little land in the future, then you might want to consider hiring a landscaper to mow your yard and trim the hedges twice a month for now and skip buying a mower all together. Think about your future needs and your future plans to buy a house of your own. After all, your mower will most likely make the trek with you when it's time to move out and move on.

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