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Union renters insurance covers both liability and the loss of personal possessions for you or your family. In other words, it covers everything that your landlord is not going to cover. The landlord has their set of responsibilities, which means you, as the renter, have your own set. It is a major misconception that the landlord is going to cover the contents within the rental home. The truth is that they are only going to cover the contents that belong to them.

And if someone were to be injured on the property, some renters think that the landlord is responsible. This is another common misconception. You will need to refer to your lease agreement regarding who is liable if an accident occurs somewhere on the property. First, it is a matter of who is at fault. For example, the landlord is the one mowing your grass and they cause injury to someone, so they are responsible.

Near or Far

Your possessions don't have to be in your house for them to be destroyed or damaged. You are covered near and far by your Union renters insurance, which is a perk that many individuals like about their Union contents insurance. You can be a student on spring break, take your laptop with you, and be compensated for it if someone breaks into your New Jersey condominium or hotel room and steals it. This is something that is unique to renters insurance in New Jersey.

The reason why your belongings are covered by your renters insurance in Union while you are on vacation is because your Union renters insurance is on your belongings and not on the rental property itself. So when you take your belongings to your condo, you have nothing to worry about. Although it is an inconvenience for your belongings to be stolen, you are not going to have to face the financial consequences of the loss.

Even if you place your belongings in a storage unit in Union, NJ, your Union renters insurance will cover the items while they are in storage. Although the storage company may offer protection, everything will need to be covered in the Union, New Jersey storage unit if you have renters insurance. This means not paying for something you already have.

Property Damage and Injuries

The liability portion of your Union renters insurance is very important. First, it covers you in case someone is injured on the rental property and you are at fault. A number of incidents can occur. Those incidents include slip and fall accidents, tripping over obstructions, and other such incidents. However, there are some liability issues that could be the responsibility of the landlord. For instance, a structural issue that causes an injury is something that you or someone else could seek damages for from the landlord.

For example, you can be out walking your dog and suddenly the dog decides it is time to chase a neighborhood cat, knocking down a senior citizen. If a legal claim is filed against you for medical expenses, your renters insurance liability in Union, NJ will take care of the damages for you. This keeps you from having to pay the very expensive damages out of your pocket.

The liability portion of your Union renters insurance also covers you if you accidentally inflict damage on a neighbor's property. If you are outside playing baseball with your family and the ball goes through the neighbor's townhouse window, breaking the window and damaging items inside, you are protected. This is a great way to keep the peace with your neighbors without you having to pay out of pocket for the damages.


You should know that your Union renters insurance doesn't cover all natural disasters and occurrences. For instance, if a power surge would occur in your apartment, but you don't have coverage to protect against power surges, you will have to pay for the damages on your own. Considering a power surge can damage electronic items, you could be looking at very expensive repairs and replacement.

You can, however, add on power surge protection for an additional cost. That way you are protected in case something not covered under the regular policy occurs. For some, flooding is not included, but they live in flood prone areas. If that's the case, flood protection can be added on to the Union renters insurance policy. The premium increases, but is minimal compared to paying damages out of pocket.

And if a disaster occurs, your Union renters insurance has what is called "loss of use" that will cover costs on top of what you would normally pay in a month if the property was not useable. The money that you receive from your renters insurance in Union will help you for a while. This is just one of the things that this coverage will do for you.

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