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University City renters insurance is a financial safeguard to protect you from the high cost of disasters and theft. Renting is an attractive option for many University City residents. Landlords and maintenance staff manage repairs and upkeep for apartments, lofts and rental homes. Despite the relative convenience of this living arrangement, your landlord or property manager is not responsible for your personal property inside the unit. To protect those things, invest in University City renters insurance.

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, fire or robbery, you can rest assured that your property manager will take care of the repairs of your apartment building or rental unit. But the things inside that were lost--electronics, jewelry, clothing--are your burden to bear. Missouri renters insurance coverage helps you recover the value of those lost goods so you can work toward replacing them.

University City is a suburb of St. Louis in eastern Missouri. The southeastern portion of the city is bordered by Washington University in St. Louis. Almost all students living in off-campus housing are renters, but they don't always consider insurance as part of their cost of living. College students tend to be targets of theft since they typically own expensive electronics and leave town on weekends and during the summer. Split among roommates, University City renters insurance is extremely affordable and well worth the cost.

Finding an Agent

Finding a reputable Missouri renters insurance agent is crucial to getting the most from your policy. Getting compensation from your policy after a disaster is not a guarantee. You are at the mercy of agents and claims adjusters to handle your claim and award a fair amount for your loss. That's why it is important to check customer satisfaction ratings and consumer complaint ratios for providers in your area. After paying your premium for months or years, you don't want to be stuck scrambling for compensation in the midst of a crisis.

Start with the Missouri Department of Insurance consumer complaint index. Homeowners insurance companies, which includes renters policies, are all listed with the number of complaints received each year and their ranking on the index. A high number on the index means that more customers complained about service, so steer clear of those companies. Other objective resources are consumer satisfaction data agencies like J.D. Power & Associates and Consumers Union.

There are several University City renters insurance providers to choose from, and the process of narrowing them down can be overwhelming. If you are pleased with your University City car insurance, start with that provider. Companies often offer discounts for customers who hold multiple policies with them. If you live in a large apartment complex, you might be eligible for an affiliation discount--an incentive for University City renters to sign up with a particular company. Ask your MO property manager for recommendations.

Once you've narrowed the field to three or four options, solicit rate quotes for comparison. All else being equal, price may be your determining factor. But don't sacrifice service for a low rate. A small savings is worthless if the company gives you the run-around when it comes time to make a claim. University City renters insurance is inexpensive and competitively priced across the board, so make your choice based on good customer service ratings and ample coverage.

What Your Policy Covers

Unlike car coverage that you build from a long menu of options, University City renters insurance policies come standard with the same coverages. All HO-4 policies include four forms of coverage, named C, D, E and F. Coverage C covers the value of your personal property in the home. Coverage D pays for alternative living arrangements if the University City rental home is rendered unlivable by a covered peril. Coverage E is your liability, and Coverage F pays for reasonable medical payments for people injured at your University City home.

University City renters insurance policies cover the value of your belongings, from wall pictures to expensive electronics, and you are compensated for damage or loss due to any of a list of perils. Named perils coverage includes an exhaustive list of disasters, including fire, windstorms and theft. Open perils coverage does not restrict covered perils, but it is much more expensive and, in general, unnecessary. This part of MO sees occasional tornadoes, which are covered, but floods are not; MO renters near the Mississippi River at low elevation might consider federal flood coverage.

Liability is also covered by University City renters insurance. If someone is injured at your home and sues you for negligence, liability covers your legal defense and any settlement or judgment up to your coverage limits. Limits usually start at $100,000. Visitors can be compensated for injuries without invoking a lawsuit through University City renters insurance Coverage F. Standard limits begin at $1,000.