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University Hill renters insurance can be a valuable asset for anyone in this area of Wisconsin to own, as no one wants to suffer the problem of losing possessions to damage from theft or a fire, and then also not have any help in receiving payments to replace the objects. Don't forget to take some time to shop around for exactly the type of Milwaukee renters policy that will best meet your needs in southwest WI. That way you'll be sure to receive a good price on the insurance, while also meeting your exact needs for the type of apartment or home in which you're living.

Finding a Great Milwaukee Policy

One of the best things about living in the University Hill neighborhood is that there are plenty of potential renters options here. Whether you're looking for a home that has been converted into apartments or a more traditional type of apartment unit in a large building, you'll have that option in University Hill. After all, the University Hill neighborhood is home to Marquette University's campus, and the borders of the campus roughly outline the University Hill neighborhood, between ninth and 20th streets and between Wells and Clybourn streets.

University Hill is just to the northwest of the Interstate 43 and Interstate 94 interchange, which sometimes is referred to as the Marquette Interchange. You'll also find that the Milwaukee County Courthouse and the Milwaukee Public Library are just to the east of the University Hill neighborhood. This can be an area where you'll find quite a few renters, thanks in part to the campus population, so you'll also find quite a few insurance agents who are willing to write University Hill renters insurance policies for those who live here.

Marquette University was founded in 1881 and is a member of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. The Marquette Golden Eagles athletic teams participate in the Big East Conference. Marquette doesn't have a Division I football program, but the Golden Eagles basketball teams are well known, having won an NCAA men's basketball championship in 1977 under Coach Al McGuire.

Seeking a College Student's Policy

If you're going to purchase a University Hill renters insurance policy, it's important that you're aware of just exactly what the renters policy is going to cover. For example, if you have some roommates in your apartment in this area of Wisconsin, you won't be able to provide coverage for their possessions when you have your own University Hill renters insurance policy. If the Wisconsin rental insurance policy is in your name, it only will provide protection for the possessions that you own, not those your roommates own.

College students also can benefit from coverage aimed at renters. Although it might not seem like it at first glance, most college students have at least $5,000 worth of objects in their possession while living at college, whether it's a university in WI or somewhere else in the United States. With this type of money involved, it's important to have the right University Hill renters insurance available to meet your personal situation.

Looking for Odd Renters Situations

Something to keep in mind, especially in this area of Wisconsin that's susceptible to winter storms, is the question of whether your belongings are protected once they're outside your apartment. Most of the time, your University Hill renters insurance will automatically cover your possessions, even while they're being transported with you to another location. However, it's possible that you may need to add a rider to your WI insurance that will guarantee this type of coverage.

There may be some instances where your insurance will not provide protection, because of something that you've done. For example, if you decide to purchase a pet rabbit, and it chews through an electrical cord, starting a fire, chances are the University Hill renters insurance policy won't protect you. Check to see whether you need a rider to cover particular types of pets that you have in your apartment.

If you're going to try to use University Hill renters insurance on a space that you use both for retail and residential space, you're going to need to make sure you have additional insurance coverage. A simple policy that only covers a residential rental unit won't work with retail spaces. You need a different type of policy for your retail belongings, and this type of coverage will cost more than the simple residential policy.

One other thing to keep in mind is that if your possessions are damaged because of negligence on the part of the landlord, it's possible that your University Hill renters insurance policy will defer to the landlord's coverage to pay for your items. You may get caught in a fight between the two companies. Reimbursement could be slower in this situation, unfortunately.