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University of Florida Off Campus Housing

University of Florida off campus housing offers you a chance to enjoy your days at the University of Florida like never before. You have more freedom and independence living off the campus than when you were a dormitory resident. You still have to focus on your studies, naturally. Yet, you are also probably excited about all the opportunities you can now take advantage of both on the University of Florida campus as well as off where a very college-friendly community exists for you to explore.

Off Campus Life in Gainesville

There are many choices when it comes to UF off campus housing. There are a lot of apartment-style complexes to pick from. There are also many amenities offered in these off campus housing units to pick from as well. If you are looking for housing that features a pool, you are sure to find one. If it is a gym on the housing premises that you cannot live without, then that is also something easily found at many UF off campus housing apartments.

You may already know that besides the rent and, depending upon your individual rental agreement, utilities, you are now financially responsible for your off campus lifestyle. This is perhaps in rather stark contrast to the ways you did not have to be when you were a dorm resident. Still, you are a student and no matter what your basic University of Florida off campus housing costs are, you can take advantage of many discounts offered to all students in the area.

You can dine for a discount in many nearby eateries. In fact, since Gainesville, FL is an obvious college town, just about any movie theater, park or even mechanic offers student discounts. Using student discounts really makes off campus life in your new housing unit even more fun and it does so in a budget-friendly way.

You can still get to your classes conveniently from your off campus home. You can also still catch Gator football games and all your other favorite sporting events as easily as ever. Perhaps the biggest advantage is finally being able to get your place set up and furnished exactly the way you want. You have more space now in your residence off the University of Florida campus than you did when you lived in the dorms, or maybe even when you still lived home, so you can really get to express yourself in your off campus housing arrangement.

You can also enjoy the benefits of having your own kitchen. Finally, you can avoid waiting in the long lines at University of Florida dining halls for lunch or dinner. In a lot of ways, when you have the ability to prepare your own meals, you can actually keep your expenses down. This way you always have more money to spend on all the fun things to do at the University of Florida or the surrounding, college-friendly FL area.

Learning to Live Independently

One main point to making the transition to UF off campus housing probably did not occur to you when you submitted your rental application. That is, you are truly making a step towards learning to live like an independent adult. You can have lots of fun in the process, especially in between all that studying which is part of your University of Florida career. However, do not forget to keep some very real considerations in mind when you start off in your new housing life.

Even though many of your neighbors are fellow students, some may be retirees. Or, some may be graduate students with young families who are taking advantage of the convenience and affordability of University of Florida off campus housing. You and your roommates will want to have fun, but you want to be considerate neighbors yourselves. You also want to be safe.

Lock your doors even when you are inside. If you have a party, only invite guests you and your roommates know. You can feel safe in your UF off campus housing, but crime happens everywhere. Actually, so do storms and hurricanes which can sometimes do some serious property damage and not just to the outside. This is why you want to take proper precautions to protect yourself, your roommates and your belongings just like a real adult would.

Make sure to obtain renter's insurance as it protects every belonging in your University of Florida off campus housing rental. Do not risk losing your valuables if the unexpected occurs. The cost of renter's insurance is nominal compared to the cost of replacing stolen or damaged items. Fill out the form here and start searching for affordable renter's insurance rates to get the protection you need to enjoy the new University of Florida off campus housing lifestyle that is waiting for you.

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