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University of Michigan Off Campus Housing

University of Michigan off campus housing in the Ann Arbor, MI area is easy to find. It may not be easy to choose, however, as there is a wide selection of off campus housing types to consider. You can choose from apartments, rooms for rent, or even sorority and fraternity houses. All of these and more are available to call home.

You will want to go about selecting your U of M off campus housing carefully. If this is the first time you are looking to rent a place on your own or with roommates you will want to remember a few things. First, start searching for your University of Michigan off campus housing well in advance of the next semester you are attending at the University of Michigan. A good rule of thumb is to allow about eight weeks or so at least getting your Michigan rental housing hunt completed.

As for resources to use in order to start your search you probably already have a good amount of links online that are oriented to University of Michigan off campus housing. However, simply because listings are featured as U of M off campus housing does not mean that you can count on them to be ideal for you and your roommates. Also, just because listings may be oriented to U of M off campus housing does not mean that the off campus housing management has any affiliation with the University of Michigan.

This is why you want to check out each place you are considering as University of Michigan off campus housing in person, and do so with lots of care. If you happen to have been referred to an Ann Arbor, MI area apartment building by one of your classmates, you may be tempted to think that as long as the place has just the number of rooms you need that you can go ahead and simply sign the lease. Be certain to think again, however.

Making a Good Housing Selection

Even if you are in a University of Michigan sorority or fraternity and want to live somewhere on the recommendation of a friend, remember that each off campus residence may have changed management and lease terms since your friend lived or even moved into that place. Make sure you check the prospective off campus housing unit carefully in person. If you are going to be living with roommates, make sure everyone is going along to check each place out together.

If you find a place or two that seems the ideal U of M off campus housing pick for you, take some time to go over who gets which bedroom. Make sure there is ample parking for all cars in your new household. Double check that the utilities are being paid with the rent and also make sure any appliances you see in the off campus housing unit on the day of your visit will be included or not when you move in.

You may even want to see how many of your nearby neighbors are students at the University of Michigan. This way you know a little more about your new neighborhood. If there are a lot of University of Michigan students in your area that may give you an idea of how daily life will be. It may not be much different than living on the campus. However, there will be distinctions now that you are living on your own.

Once you have narrowed down your selection to one or two places, review the lease terms on each. Make absolutely certain you and any of your roommates know what each term of the lease means. Remember that a lease is a legally binding agreement. If you will be living back home for the summer months, for example, and you are signing a one-year lease term make sure the lease allows for sub-letting so that your remaining months will not go unused.

A New University of Michigan Lifestyle

When you finally settle into your new home, you probably will feel exhilarated. If this is your first time away from home, you may feel a little scared, too. Do not let your excitement or fears keep you from forgetting how crucial it is for you to be responsible for your new lifestyle.

This includes making a small investment in good renter's insurance. Renter's insurance covers your personal belongings in the event of a fire or a flood or even a theft. You can easily compare carriers in your area right here who provide cheap coverage that you cannot do without. Your new University of Michigan off campus housing experience is ready to begin. When you search here you can shop smart for renter's insurance that will help you enjoy the experience with peace of mind.

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