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University of Pittsburgh Off Campus Housing

University of Pittsburgh off campus housing is the next move for you in your career as a University of Pittsburgh student. The move to an off campus housing apartment is often as exciting, if not more exciting, than moving to a dormitory. Of course, it has been awhile since that first taste of freedom, but the freedom that goes with the new University of Pittsburgh off campus housing apartment is sure to be even better.

Starting Out On your Own

Whether living on your own in the Pitt off campus housing means truly living alone or living with a roommate or two, the independence with which your life takes on is much greater than what you have previously experienced. This is especially true if you and the other roommates have lived away from home at the University of Pittsburgh by way of the residence halls. It is going to be exciting to get packed and even do some shopping for the things needed at the off campus housing apartment.

In fact, moving to your new home away from home, no matter which neighborhood in Pittsburgh, PA it is in, is going to be a much bigger job than moving to a dormitory. This time you and your University of Pittsburgh friends are going to need to actually bring your own furniture. This alone makes the move a little more involved. Unless you found a furnished off campus housing apartment or room for rent in Pittsburgh, PA, this is something you need to plan ahead for, especially if roommates are involved.

For example, will there be one person designated to bring that old sofa from their parent's house to put in the living room? Or, will each of you chip in to buy a new, or perfectly good used, sofa? If each roommate will be enjoying their own bedroom, it is a good idea to make sure the bed and other furniture you each plan to move into the University of Pittsburgh off campus housing unit fits. If you already made sure to inspect the rental a few times prior to signing the lease, you may have been smart enough to bring a measuring tape along to measure the doorway of the off campus housing.

If not, it should not be a problem to contact the landlord a few weeks prior to your move in date. Hopefully, you have scheduled the move in plenty of time for each roommate to move and settle in before the start of the next University of Pittsburgh semester. You will want to make sure any large items any one will be bringing to the new home fit on their way into the Pitt off campus housing front door.

Do not forget, a refrigerator can seem like it is going to fit just fine, especially when it is the one your parents donated to you for this momentous move. Only, do not wait until moving day to have your friends take the bulky appliance from another University of Pittsburgh student's truck and find it is one inch too large to fit into the apartment's doorway. That would create an inconvenience, to say the least. Possibly, it would even involve needing to have each Pitt off campus housing roommate chip in and buy a refrigerator on the spot.

Making Off Campus Housing Ends Meet

Most University of Pittsburgh students are not financially equipped to handle the cost of a move as well as a large purchase in a short time span. Yet, keep an example like this in mind when making plans for your University of Pittsburgh off campus housing move. You need to be able to move into the off campus housing apartment and settle in with time to spare before the semester begins. If things are not planned for properly, the move to Pitt off campus housing can become easily inconvenienced and stressful.

The same would hold true if, during your tenancy, anything unexpected occurred which you were not financially prepared for. There is never any cause for alarming yourself unnecessarily, however, if a fire or theft occurred and that refrigerator in the example above was stolen or damaged beyond repair, how would you pay to replace it? Something as important as that, or as important as your computer is to schoolwork, are not inexpensive items.

There is a way to make certain that the time you spend in your University of Pittsburgh off campus housing apartment is as enjoyable and trouble-free as possible. By purchasing what is known as renter's insurance, all the important belongings purchased for or moved to the apartment will be covered against just about anything. What is more, this coverage can be had to students at a cost that will not break even the most frugal student's monthly budget.

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